Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Return to BowerBird

This is BowerBird a very cute shop in Peterborough New Hampshire.  I first visited here with my friend Mary from A Breath of Fresh Air in the beginning of July.  I was a bit rushed for time, but wanted to come back. While planning our trip to Southern Vermont I decided that we would take the long way and stop in Peterborough for a lunch/ antique stop.  We actually ate in Nashua because we were starving due to a late start.  But I insisted that I get to Bowerbird and Bob took pictures around town while I browsed and took my own pictures for you!  I didn't buy anything because I am pretty frugal and I don't need more stuff, even pretty stuff!  Enjoy the pretty vignettes.

Why does Blogger have a new photo adding feature?  I was just getting used to the old one...progress, maybe I am just too old for it??



  1. That new feature is making me a little nutty to be honest. Thank you for leaving words of encouragement about the painted floors. I feel a little sacrilegious for doing it, but you are correct. It can be reversed.


    Love the sucre bowl.

  2. This shop looks awesome. I could spend away my life savings in there. Look at all those tureens! I had a new picture feature show up when I switched to draft, so I switched back to the old way.

  3. What a wonderful place to browse! Thank you for sharing that. I have been using this new photo adding feature for a while now...I must have some how got it before everyone...unless the one I have been using for the past 2-3 months has changed again...I just checked and mine shows the same one I have used for 2-3 months now. Maybe I was a guinnea pig?

  4. Good Morning Janet ~

    Great post! I am virtually lost in this shop. It is a good thing that I wasn't there is person...think of all the dough I saved!

    I am now in a nesting mood...big time!

    Have a great day.

    Smiles ~ Ramona

  5. Such lovely things! Hard to resist, for sure. I especially love the whiteware. I'm impressed that you didn't come home with anything!

    ~Angela :-)

  6. Thank you for including us in your travels!
    I love shopping, always have, but like you I don't really need much.
    More often than not I find myself admiring, even fondling, the merchandise, but leaving it behind.
    I would however have had a hard time passing on the lovely plantering pots, I now collect African Violets! I'm really showing my age aren't I?

  7. Oh yes, we did have fun there and I loved the Bowerbird too! Guess I have to wait until next year to get back - I just wish we could drive up so I can stash all those lovelies from there, and Red Chair, in the car!

    We're still frying down here Janet - but Jasmin and I are off to northern Calif. next week in hopes it will be cooler. Have a great weekend - hi to Bob from us too.

    Hugs - Mary

  8. I had never heard of the shop but I will definitely try to get up to Peterborough.

    I am sure I would have bought something as a souvenir even if I didn't need it. You have alot of self control!


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