Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Those of you going to the Country Living Fair in Atlanta are in for a big treat. The fair in Columbus was spectacular.  The weather was sunny and warm and  Sue from Rabbit Run Cottage was just so much fun.  There were almost 200 vendors of everything from high end folk art to food and fresh squeezed lemonade.   It was a bit overwhelming to a person with ADD, but I think I managed to see most of it.  Some booths were so crowded that there were lines to get in and some had lines to get in and then lines to pay for your purchases.  Sue took lots of photos so hopefully they will be posted on her blog for you to see.  I cannot compete with the gorgeous photos that she takes!  She and her family were so gracious, I am so glad I was nervy enough to invite myself.  I was never uncomfortable for even a minute from the time she met me at the baggage claim at the airport...we just started talking and never stopped until she dropped me back off at the airport 4 days later!

I know that I haven't been very good about posting lately.  I have been feeling very guilty about it and worry that I am letting my friends in Blogland down.  I think of all of you often, but just don't seem to feel in the mood to post about what is going on, or not going on, in my life.  I hope you understand.  I think I may take a break  (after 3 years) for a bit and try to get my mojo back.  I hope you all understand.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010


If Daisies are the "friendliest flowers" per Kathleen Kelly in "You've Got Mail", don't you think it is just possible that Sunflowers are the "cheeriest flowers" ?

Me too....