Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Still breathing....

Yes, I am alive in case any of you were wondering.  We have been busy cleaning out 20 years of "stuff" from our house.  I have to say that I am not one to keep a lot of things that I am not using.  I have been known to give things away and then want them back later, but I can assure you that Hubbie has never, ever done that.  He has sentimental attachments to all kinds of things, so getting him to participate in the purge has not been all that easy, but he is coming along.

The end of September we went out the the Silicon Valley to visit our youngest son who is now working at Facebook.  We stayed in Los Gatos which is a beautiful town and so pedestrian friendly.  We walked each day before breakfast and after dinner.  We spent a couple of days doing things with my son and his girlfriend and a couple of days toodling around on our own.  So far the only pictures that have surfaced ( other than old cars etc) are ones from Carmel and the 17 Mile Drive.  Carmel has to be the ultimate housepeeping location.

Click for larger images and to see details otherwise missed :)

Without further ado:

I took a picture of this house the first time I was in Carmel in 2000.  Still has that adorable stenciling.

I would love to go back and stay for a few days and get up each morning and wander the lanes and courtyards of Carmel.  Maybe stay with Clint at his Mission Ranch or the in-town Hotel that is owned by Doris Day...wonder if Gig Young is there.....  OK, you have to be a certain age to understand that reference.