Saturday, December 18, 2010


Happy Holidays from Hosta Cottage!  I am pretty well set for the big holiday dinner on Christmas Eve, most food has been purchased, the gifts are all done and some are wrapped and I am ready to start some Christmas baking.  Back in the days when all four boys were home, I would bake Christmas cookies every day and could be pretty much assured that they would be gone in time to make more the next day.  Now, not so much!  With just Bob and I to eat them I try to avoid baking until the last minute.  Tomorrow I will make a variety of cookies  for Bob to bring to people at work, then I will just veg for a couple of days before I really crank up the stove.  Of course, I have to make the donuts ( sounds like that old Dunkin' Donuts commercial) and then hide them (first in the freezer) so that they will be available when my baby gets home on Christmas Eve from California and his brothers also descend upon the house trying to out eat each other....aah, merry times indeed. Usually they make me laugh so hard at some point that I know my face is all distorted and looks ridiculous and I can hardly catch my breath.  Yep, that's my boys.

I will leave you with some pictures from the Providence Preservation House Tour on December 4th.  Unfortunately they don't allow inside pix and so the memories of the homes fade quickly, but at least we have a few outside decorations to contemplate.

                                  My favorite house inside and out!

This makes me laugh...perhaps they, like me, cannot stand to get rid of the bittersweet wreath:).  I just incorporate my bittersweet into my greens in an urn on the front steps.  No one says the berries in  with the greens have to be red!!

Happy Holidays.....


Thursday, December 2, 2010


I guess we all have them ( well all of us a certain age)......senior moments, but mine are becoming more and more frequent.  I changed my banner to this festive picture of the Church Street Marketplace (Burlington Vermont) and now I can't remember how to change the colors of my fonts.  Help, please!