Saturday, June 13, 2009

Stroudsburg, PA

Here are a couple of pictures I took while ambling about Stroudsburg. Many of the houses are very different from what we have here although they are only 250 miles away. Some of the garden pictures are dark and I don't know how to lighten them with this new photo editing program and I know you are being patient waiting for the "Big Travelogue", so enjoy these few pictures for now and Bob has promised that he will copy some of his photos to one of my folders. Then I will just have to figure out to get them out, sort of like the Prince Albert in a can jokes of the old days!

I like the huge fern, the weeds near the pole, not so much

Isn't that Angel on the roof sweet?

I love the painted brick and the tidy look of this house. Hard to get a picture with the large tree in front

Many "half houses in the area. I believ that it may be a German influence

These three pictures are the same garden, very shady and very private. Not easy to get a sneaky photo. Really neat statuary ( not seen) and funky accents

That statue to the right of the colorful fairy is a frog holding an umbrella fountain...very cool!
Brick Gambrel with slate roof. Many slate roofs still in existence in this neighborhood.

That's it for now.



  1. now this is more like it!!! thanks for returning !! love the tourlet. ( didn't sound right, lol) can't wait for the rest, and thanks to bob for his help! jkj

  2. I love the big yellow house, with the angel on the roof. I love older homes.

  3. What a lovely tour--love all the porches!


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