Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I am busy getting ready for my visit from Mary from Across the Pond. She and her husband Bob and granddaughter Jasmin are stopping by on Friday morning for coffee and whatever I bake up. They are coming from Raleigh (NC) to New England for a week of holiday fun, which if you know Mary means antiquing, as well as showing Jasmin the sights of New England.

I am thrilled to meet a fellow blogger and flattered that they would want to spend some of their precious vacation time with me, but here is the dilemma. The weather in June has been brutal and it doesn't look like July is going to be an improvement. Yesterday ( when the sun actually shone all day) I thought there was a chance for a nice Friday morning and coffee on the deck, so I started working on getting the deck in better shape, planting some of my plants, installing a windowbox under one of my kitchen windows, etc and then this morning ( as it started to rain) I heard it would still be rainy on Friday AM, so I started trying to get the Dining Room decent. I realized that we have fallen into the trap of just using the DR for holidays and when you actually stop and look, instead of just walking through, the room it is filthy. So, I washed the three windows, cleaned the woodwork etc and now it may be nice Friday after all. So the deck is three quarters done and the DR is half done; guess I will revert to my usual MO. Cook and bake and make the house smell nice and hope that no one notices all the things that aren't done. Oh why do I hate to clean, but love to cook? Just a rhetorical question and I know Mary is not here to do the white glove test, but a girl always wants to make a good impression.

Oh and the picture reminds me I should polish the copper, but really I think it looks more "authentic" if some of it is dull, don't you agree??



  1. how fun for you to meet a blogger! and to be able to share ideas and baked goods in person!-> so fun. whatever the weather,i'm sure the blogbond will override things that are flaws only in your mind. all of which is easy for me to say; i don't have a new person coming chez james. i hope it is a treat for all of you! jkj

  2. Ha! My MIL had this same dilemma over the weekend when they were hosting a "Dinners for 8" group (except it was heat rather than rain that shooed them inside). They spent a good part of the prior day cleaning and sprucing around their large deck, only to have it be 101 on Saturday evening when it was time to dine. The guests unanimously chose indoor dining. :)

    I'm sure whatever you bake will dazzle your guest so that they won't notice any missed dust-bunnies. Enjoy your visit!

  3. How wonderful to get to meet Mary. That will be a fun thing. I'm things will be just fine. Blessings

  4. I came to your blog through Mary, and had to laugh over your post. It is the same thing at our house. When company is coming things get spot less even though I clean every week you still want it to look nice! For me even though I like to cook I have been in the garden so much that the inside (or rather the ironing) has fallen behind). I'm sure that you will have a wonderful time with them, and I can't wait to read all about it! Have Fun!!!!

  5. Hi Janet! I found you through Mary's post about her visit to your lovely home and just had to visit a blog with such a neat title!

    I think copper pans do look more authentic when they aren't highly polished -- same with silver, and as for dust ... well, my dear, I consider that a protective coating for fine antiques.

    Your travels look amazing! and yes, you should have bought more of those shawls, but thank goodness you got at least one!



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