Sunday, February 28, 2010


for painters again.  They will be here tomorrow and get started on the room from h..l.  The room has belonged to a succession of teenage boys and has been sitting empty/used as a junk room for about 8 years now.  Such a waste, but it is such a mess.  Tomorrow the metamorphosis begins, new Moroccan Spice ( dark clay red) walls, white trim, freshly painted ceiling.  The room will be transformed into our upstairs TV/ exercise room.  I hate that the ancient treadmill and bike will be in there, but at least we will be able to watch TV as we pedal and walk.

I also hate any kind of upheaval, but keep thinking how lovely it will be to have a TV room.  Then the Living room gets repainted Roasted Sesame Seed and the Dining room is going from pinky terra cotta to Roasted Sesame. I am excited about that change as I was really tired of the status quo.

More Later... off to see Brothers and Sisters


  1. i cannot wait til i grow up and get to have painters come to my house to paint for me!! and i am eager to see the photos. i assume there will be lots: the entry, the dr. the l.r., and the new t-vexer room. (it's a new word!) get that camera ready! jkj

  2. I am so, so envious of all your makeovers!! LOVE the color of that room! Perfection!!


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