Friday, March 19, 2010

AWAY's a relative term, don't you think??  Please say yes ;)

When we get back from a brief weekend away the floor should be finished in our bedroom and then we can put all the furniture back in there and make progress on the den/exercise room that is hiding under all this stuff.  Please note that the dust ruffle has been washed and is hanging to eliminate as many wrinkles as possible..who knew "she" would have to wait this long??



  1. the good thing about doing this reno is that you "get" to see your stuff in new locations and with new eyes. it all seems new or tired and it is fun to reassemble with the new outlook.
    and the physical workout is a bennie too. right? jkj

  2. LOL_I do the same thing with stuff that needs to be ironed janet! Love re-doing rooms in the spring-you'll love it all fresh & put back together!:) chris

  3. I am catching up with you and loving the new color. It is always such a pain while it is ongoing but it will feel so clean an dfresh and wonderful when it is done!
    Where did you tae your getaway??
    We just returned from one and we went to a restuarant Guy Fieri visited. We LOVED it...will be posting about it later this week...

    Missing you...I have been a bad blogger I know. Just so much going on, first with BDs and life and some sad brother and sis in law are seperated and she wants a divorce. he doesn;t and I seem to keep getting put in the middle. Not good for my BP! *smile*
    I am heartbroken about it but all we can do it keep moving forward right??
    I look forward to seeing your completed job. I know it will be awesome!



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