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Yesterday I ran to Target to grab a couple of things for our upcoming family vacation.  Those of you that know me know that I am not exactly an up to date kind of woman.  Truly, I am still wearing the same combination of makeup I wore in High School.  ...a bit of eyeshadow ( brown,) some mascara and because I am old now, some lipstick.  I stick to the basics and never stray very far.  So, imagine my surprise when looking for an eyelash curler I spied eyebrow razors.  Little teeny, tiny razors just for sculpting the perfect brow line. Huh?  I have my flimsy brows waxed when I get my hair done, but I thought shaving them was a "no no", although I admit to doing it once in a while when I get frustrated with tweezers.  I found the eyelash curlers and discovered they come with refills now...really??  I think I had my old one for many years ( I am embarrassed to contemplate how many, the term decades comes to mind) and never had it refilled.  The world, it is a changin' ladies.

Next...faux toenails???  I admit to the world's ugliest toenails, but in summer I usually just keep them polished with some nondescript polish and hope no one notices.  But actually adding pretty nails on top of ugly nails...now there is a concept. 

On to the shampoo aisle(s).  I have been using up some of the many bottles of shampoo that my MIL had been hoarding, but finally needed shampoo.  The variety is staggering and oh so confusing. Remember when it was Breck or Prell?  If you decide to just forget about the decision for now, there is even a new version of Pssst.  Remember..... the dry shampoo that you sprinkled or sprayed in and then brushed out after it "absorbed" the oil in your hair?  It served a very limited purpose and always left your hair a little grayish at the roots!!  They say everything old is new again and we see it in the 1970s styles coming back as retro or vintage, but dry shampoo?  I am not goin' there.

So, after about a half an hour in the beauty aisles I came home with some new mascara and an eyelash curler.  Probably my least expensive trip to Target in years.  Time to  freshen my looks by painting the ugly toenails for the beginning of sandal season, but don't worry, they will be a nondescript pinky color so as not to draw attention!!

The Frump


  1. at least you bought something! i went the other day with the intent of getting some 'regenerist' product, but got sidetracked in the kitchen aisles and totally forgot about the self-improvement aisle merchandise! came home empty handed!jkj

  2. Well just look at all the makeup in the stores now. Every color in a thousand different tones, with sparkle, without...

    Speaking of Prell, do you remember when they put a little pearl in the bottle? As a kid I used to dump out the shampoo just to get that little thing from the bottom. I'm sure my mom would die if she knew that. LOL


  3. New eyelash curler...need one of those too.

    Toenails....I keep mine polished all year I think they are the least attractive thing on the body...so even in the Winter I have a little bit of Summer on my toes...I have Winter colors and then go bold in the Summer....

    Cute post,
    Kathy :)

  4. I enjoyed this Janet..as I am one of those who is totally lost in such departments. I often go to look for something and get sidetracked in another area of the store. Eyebrow razors...wow. I would hack part of mine off I am sure. That would be attractive.
    My toes are definitely ugly...do they carry whole feet toppers? Faux pretty feet add ons??
    I started getting pedicures last year and go every 3 months or so. I will have to go more often in the Summer. I am not a girly girl perhaps but having my weird shaped toes *prettied up* makes me feel better even if few see them! *laugh*
    Prell! My Mom always bought Prell so that's what I used. I did but Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific a few times back then too. : )

    As far as make up, I am sure I don't apply it correctly, I am a lost cause aren't I? I use the loose, minerals sort of powder, a little blush, mascara and lipstick.
    If I use eye shadow, it's brown. I do use a lip liner and I found this great lip foundation from Laura Geller. It keeps it all in place and it actually works. No smeary, no seeping into lines. (Not that *I* have any lines aorund my mouth...no...not me. I am much too young for that. *gulp*)

    Let me loose in a place like Sephora and I am totally lost. I like to go but have no idea what is what!!


  5. I knew about about these items but came upon a few new ones when I visited a very trendy beauty supply. Imagine if you will, neon dye for your pelvic region? I think I let out a little scream when I spied this one:)
    Where are you going on vacation?

  6. I know I should attempt the self improvement aisle,but,I just don't know where to begin.I mentioned once that I wore orange lipstick with a white overlay and they wanted to know if I was in a play.Eyebrow razors?Did they come with a disclaimer?Sounds dangerous.

  7. Oh, how I loved the smell of prell. I do remember that and Breck is what my grandmother used, so that reminds me of her when I was young.

  8. Oh yes - Breck and Prell - and White Rain hairspray - loved those scents . .

    Now today everything is SO perfumey - they all pretty much give me a headache. Why do we need 50 different types of shampoos, hairsprays, gels - on and ON! So unecessary . . and don't get me started on the 'reformulation' of the classic perfumes of Coty Emeraude and Faberge Tigress (to name a few) - they even messed with my Estee Lauder Youth Dew - it now smells like bug spray!!

    Oh! And the makeup!! Must be at least 300 varieties of that stuff - it's just all beyond me . . .

  9. When my moisturizer or night cream runs out I can never find the same thing to replace it with. They keep changing the bottles and renaming things. And so many choices! Things I never knew existed. They should provide personal shoppers to advise us "old folks."

    I remember that dry shampoo! I used it to clean my large fuzzy majorette's hat.


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