Thursday, January 13, 2011

Giggling Gals

I'm getting ready for the Giggling Gals to celebrate my birthday tomorrow night.  I made the Beef Bourgignon early and will add the sauteed mushrooms and reheat tomorrow night.  There will crusty garlic bread, roasted veggies and a Toll House Pie a la mode for dessert.  I really wish you could all show up.  I would love to meet all of you and have a good gigglefest ;) Remember that old TV show "This is Your Life" where old grade school teachers and neighbors would appear?  I'm thinking that would be fun.  I would also like a genie to show up and clean my much as I love the cooking, I hate the cleaning!!




  1. Happy Birthday Janet! Another Capricorn sister. Your dinner sounds divine-gas cooktop or no gas cooktop-it is the cook that makes it yummy!The snow does look lovely but in a few days will look like dirty slush-lol! It's so nice to nest when we have these storms isn't it? Only trouble is I bake & cook & bake & try NOT to eat! Where is this gorgeous house on your blog header? GORGEOUS!:) chris

  2. Happy Birthday! You will no doubt have a wonderful time:)

  3. Happy Birthday Janet!!!! I would love to be there to celebrate with you! You dinner sounds delightful.....

    Would love to have your toll house pie recipe. I had one once and lost it....

  4. sorry to miss it! know you will have a super time despite the cause of the occasion. (jk) happy b'day janet!jkj

  5. Hope you won't be offended by this comment. The black background with orange lettering is very difficult to read. Particularly after a certain age...


  6. Hi Janet - hope that the birthday celebration was a blast - and as YOU did all the cooking, hopefully the gigglers showered you with beautiful gifts and thanks! Many happy returns dear..............may this new decade be the best one yet!

    Love and hugs, Mary

    P.S. Love the farmhouse on your banner - bet they have flooring I would adore - I so want old pine boards!


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