Saturday, April 9, 2011


Well it has become clear that I either need to "pea or get off the pot", as the expression goes.  Posting every few weeks is really not acceptable ( to me or you, I would imagine).  Despite having a wonderful life, I seem to have little that I feel like posting about.  So, I will do some soul searching re: my blog.

In the meantime I have a favor to ask.  This Thursday, 4/14, is my parents' 71st Wedding Anniversary.  Can you even fathom being married for 71 years?  I am trying to put together a "card shower" of sorts to make the occasion as memorable as possible.  They are both 93, very hard of hearing and they really don't like to go out to eat or anything like that.  We will be going up that weekend with some nice homemade food to share.

Would any of you be willing to send a card to them?  You could sign it "a friend of Janet" or something.  If you would like to do this the address is as follows:

address removed, please comment if you would like the address and I will e-mail it to you! 

Thanks so much!



  1. Janet,
    Your header picture is glorious!!!
    Happy Anniversary to your parents!

  2. Dear Janet,
    I found your blog via Rhoda at Southern Hospitality . Thank you for your lovely comment on my kitchen restyle.
    You bet I'll send a card...happy to!

    How wonderful to be married for 71 years...I thought I was doing good at 36 ;->

    Have a great week
    Janet xox

  3. Janet,
    The card is on its way... may be late, but I just now saw this. Wow,to still have both your parents, and still together! You are blessed!


  4. OH MY GOODNESS! And bless their hearts :)

  5. love your new photo!! and i think you should keep on blogging. i love your blog. and the card is "in the mail". jkj

  6. Janet, I love your new house in the header! Looks to be very spacious. I don't suppose you have moved in. I will be glad to send one of my photo cards for the anniversary. That is a lot of years!

  7. Janet, Thanks so much for leaving a comment about my magazine page saving.. LOL we must be kindred spirits. I'm your newest follower and I'd love to send your parents Congratulations and Best wishes for their 71st anniversary. I'm just now finding your post so a card wouldn't get there in time. How lovely to be 93 and married for so long. They surely have been blessed.
    Thanks again and I'm off to look at some of your other posts. Stop by anytime.

  8. It's in the mail, hope it makes it for tomorrow!

  9. Mne os on it's way to them!!
    (And I so understand about the boigging...*sigh*)
    If you need a break, you take one!! Wewill still be here when you get back. Promise!

  10. Janet dear, so very sorry I missed the chance to send a card. That's an amazing milestone and I'll definitely try to do better next year on their 72nd!! Bless their hearts - you are certainly blessed to have them both still. Always knew those Vermonters were a tough bunch, ha! ha!

    Please don't quite your blog - take a break and come back soon!
    Easter blessings to you and Bob. Well be off to England soon so I'll be sharing my travels on my return - maybe even while there as I'll take the MacBook. Thatched cottages galore - you have to peep in their pretty windows!!!

    Bob sends love - Jasmin says hello.
    Hugs - Mary


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