Friday, August 26, 2011

Lemons....Lemonade ?

You know that old saw about lemons and lemonade, right?  Here is my new take.  When life hands you potential hurricanes ( Irene) and tells you to be prepared, go to Yankee Candles.

I mean really, why would I go and buy some boring old utility candles when I had a coupon for substantial savings these autumnal beauties.   Our house may be dark ( although hopefully not) but it certainly will smell like an orchard on a fall day.  And nope, nobody paid me to show you this candle, it is all my own doing.



  1. Greetings, Janet. Long time, no see. I stay so busy at work that I am not much of a fun girl.

    I do think of you often, and I hope you are little impacted by Irene.

  2. Stay safe Janet! My sister on Jamestown is moving inland to Providence tomorrow morning.

  3. Hey Girl! Hope you and Bob are safe the candle is not a necessity...just for fun. We went to the YC Fall Open House and the Pumpkin Buttercream is amazing...just so you know. :)

    Take care and be well....Cassie

  4. Hope you are safe and sound! Yes, love those Yankee Candles. Have you tried Sage and Citrus? It's good, are all of them!

  5. Janet, I hope was OK at your house. I've been more concerned about your parents in Vermont and pray that they did not get flooded.

    We managed OK other than trees debris. Then a neighbor's tree fell and blocked us in the cul-de-sac for 1/2 day, took down the power lines so we were without power for just 12 hours. Not so bad considering the horror others experienced.

    Thinking of you dear.
    Hugs - Mary

  6. My favorite is the Harvest scent. It is heavenly, cosy, cinnamon-y. Yum.

  7. That ia a great attitude, if one needs candles they might as well as be beautiful candles. Glad to hear the storm was not too bad in your area.


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