Tuesday, December 29, 2009


from Country Living Magazine

When do you take your Holiday decorations down?

Right after Christmas?

Right after New Years?

After Epiphany?


Whenever you get around to it?

Inquiring minds want to know, and I do too ;)



  1. This year we took them down right after Christmas, my mind if failin' me but it was either Saturday or Sunday.

  2. It ALL came down today! Everything is carefully tucked away until next year.I wonder what the new year will bring?
    Did you have a lovely holiday?

  3. I have taken my tree down after the gifts are open on Christmas day in the past and then I have also left it up until after New Years. This year I got all of my decorations down yesterday. I plan on going through them and giving away some of the things that I didn't use this year. Organize them and store them until next year.

  4. after Epiphany! Gotta wait for those Wise Men to show up!

  5. it comes down on the 26th. and then i begin the year in review reflection and make adjustments/plans for the coming year. i collect things in the house that are no longer appropriate and give them away if they have life in them, and dispose of them if not. it is a nonmaterial gift week, to be able to appreciate all i have and share it. the wreaths stay up outside until the local climate makes it look silly. (socal) jkj

  6. Hi JAnet

    I am going to do the job on New Year's Day--love your pic of Saks Fifth Ave store in NYC!

  7. Hi Janet, I just love dotted swiss!and about the decorations. I like to decorate "for the season" so I try to have a base of winter with evergreens and seasonal flowers that I then layer "Christmas" upon. That way I can take down and put away all the specific Christmas items, without having to be in total disarray. I like to start the new year with all my Christmas put up, so ususally the tree comes down the week after Christmas.
    Have a Happy Happy New Year!!!

  8. Tonight. After dinner probably. We aren't going out for New Year's Eve, just staying in, so I will tackle what's left of the decorations.
    Happy New Year! Blessings, Shay

  9. We begin our "take down" 12/31 and always try to have it completed by 1/1 or 1/2. Need to get it out of the way and begin the New Year fresh!

    Wishes for a Happy New Year to you & Bob...

    Cheers!!!! Cassie

  10. This year it was a fast come down, but at least I packed everything up better than hubby!
    Have a wonderful New Year!

  11. Holiday decorations tradditionally in our family came down on Epiphany because the kings were still moving about the house searching for the manger.

    As a busy working woman, now they start gradually getting packed up just before New Years but this year I recycled all the stars into the New Years decorations which was kind of fun.

  12. After New Years.
    Wishing you a Blessed New Year

  13. Happy New Year to you !!!

    Mine come down after Epiphany....

    Kathy :)

  14. LOL! My tree comes down the day after Christmas. For some reason I can' stand to see a dry tree shedding more needles than I can vacuum! I am not one to keep the decorations up much past christmas. I like everything back to normal so we can head to Florida & not face it when we get back.Happy New Year Janet & family! :) chris

  15. Ah, this year it came down BEFORE Christmas. We had a pipe burst in the ceiling while we were not home. Flooded the house and we've been living in a hotel ever since. BUT, usually it comes down Dec 26th. I love Christmas decor and start putting it up the day after Thanksgiving but when it's over -- it's over and I don't want to look at it any more. I'm ready for the bright, cheerful colors of the red and pinks of Valentine's Day.

  16. Just took mine down on 1/7 - it's a job I'm inclined to put off! Next year much more simple (I'm cutting back each year) as I hope to be whisked away to somewhere in Europe for Christmas - England, Paris or Prague perhaps!!

    Happy New Year to you and Bob dear.

  17. This is a nice place to stay and talk with your family for a bonding. Lovely Christmas Tree.

    Deirdre G


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