Wednesday, January 6, 2010


The wise men or should that be Wise Men, have arrived and I am ready to take the rest of Christmas down and put it away for another year.

The reason I started ruminating about this whole "when do I discard/put away Christmas" question was because I heard an ad for a car dealership on December 26th. The ad screamed (why do car dealerships scream at us anyway??) "the 12 days of Christmas are over and the 12 days of sales have begun" and I thought"NO", the 12 days of Christmas have just begun, we need to wait for the Wise Men to travel the many miles with their gifts. It just makes me think that we are in such a hurry for Christmas to get here that we forget that it is a 12 Day Season. We anxiously put Thanksgiving to rest and start Christmas decorating the day after and are off and running. Then the minute the gifts are unwrapped we are tired of the whole thing and usually exhausted from all the work as well. Remember reading stories when you were young about families decorating their trees on Christmas Eve or maybe parents decorating late Christmas Eve and the delight of the children as they discovered the tree on Christmas morn? I'm not saying that that is practical nowadays, but I am just waxing nostalgic here.

Okay, enough said, just wanted to get that off my chest. Hope the New Year is a fabulous one for one and all!



  1. Hi Janet,
    Happy New Year!.
    I have been catching up with you today and have enjoyed my visit.
    May all your dreams come true this year.
    Enjoy your day,


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