Saturday, January 23, 2010


What would I do if I didn't do what I am doing?




  1. I do all the time! Especially in is the "funky month" always weird and introspective!
    You are not alone!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    love, kelee

  2. whooa! what is going on? are you thinking of letting the license drop? i feel your angst! sending you wishes for clarity for how to proceed. jkj

  3. Yes, I am familiar with this. It is a January contagion I think. I always long for January when my focus can come off of getting ready for the holidays---then it comes and I feel all betwixt and between. My Yahoo message has me, "thinking about it" or "making progress". My cure is to tear down and reorganize my house and talk to as few people as possible until I am realigned. My family is always happy with the fresh clean house and the unusually quiet mom/ fact they probably like it! Plan a short get away once you feel a bit more like you---I'm going to Philly and NYC with my sister in law for a few days--that will complete my realignment and get the engines going again. Take care, love your blog!

  4. too many things...that's what! if you find out...let us know!


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