Thursday, January 28, 2010


A Daffodilly Day!

Still winter here, but thank you Whole Foods for selling some daffs so early, they are my favorites ;)


 PS. What makes you smile in the dead of winter??


  1. hi! pretty photo! and no snow in the background. (in sunny socal i like seeing the snowy mtns. whatever the weather we are having.) enjoy the daffs! jkj

  2. Janet, so glad you found daffodils to brighten a Winter day. When I walked into Trader Joe's yesterday the perfume of the hyacinths almost bowled me over. I should have brought some home.

    Yes, tonight it's snowing, have about 2 inches so far and it may continue until Sat. afternoon so could get enough for a snow person and snowballs! I'll be out with the camera in the early morning light. This weather is quite pleasing - as long as we don't get ice and loss of power - I just hope to stay around the house, watch the birds and squirrels, make a pot of soup, and think about something special I'm planning for May! Watch the blog for details soon.

    Here's something to keep you motivated. How about we get together in Peterborough, NH in July. Lunch and a visit to Red Chair for some French shopping! We'll be coming that way again to meet family in Manchester for July 4. Would love to see you again.

  3. Hi Janet,
    The daffodills are lovely! and really brighten up the day.
    I love your photo.
    Take care and enjoy your day,

  4. Well those daffodils made us smile...especially in a blue & white vase - how can you go wrong??!!


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