Saturday, January 9, 2010


Has anyone else been having a problem with "weird comments" lately?  I have been getting an anonymous spam comment or two every once in a while.  Just an annoyance, really...but in the last couple of weeks they have been becoming more common and just today I received over 20 comments on posts as far back as 2007.  A great way to revisit some of my old posts, but pretty time consuming when there are that many and they are in CHINESE. Not that they are any harder to delete in Chinese, I am just sayin'.  So, sadly, I have enabled the word verification feature and hope that this doesn't cause anyone not to leave me comments.  I love your comments and it makes me so happy that someone actually reads my less than prolific (lately) posts.

In other non-news, it is cold, it is wintery and I am over it already.  Bring on spring.  And oh yeah, someday it will be light enough for Bob to take pix of the new kitchen color before it gets too dirty and you can gaze with awe at my new "tile" backsplash behind the stove. 




  1. how odd about the comments, esp in chinese. not that you couldn't learn chinese, but...maybe you are really big in china? we love your blog, so why not?!

  2. I got a comment in spam and clicked on it. Pornographic! Uck! So I put the work verification back and hopefully that will do the trick.

  3. No, not receiving any Chinese spam - they must know I'm vegetarian, hehehe!!!!

    Word verif. is OK and I'll put up with it because you're my friend of course! You can also moderate your comments as I do - I actually prefer that way and find it easy.

    So cold here this week - I feel like I'm back in New England - oh the memories weather can stir in the mind.

    Hugs - Mary

  4. Yeah, I've been getting a lot of strange spam as well. Sounds like the same think Miss Jean is dealing with. I've started comment moderation for posts over 1 week old. I've been able to catch all of them. For some reason, they only post on the old ones. What an annoyance.

  5. Only have the occasional weird comment. But we are very much into Spam sandwiches lately.


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