Sunday, July 18, 2010

Julia's Favorite

Bob had an Eye Dr appointment in the big city last Monday.  We intentionally scheduled it so that we would have time to walk about the city while his dilated eyes returned to normal and therefore he could drive home.  Don't even ask about the last appointment!!  Despite a huge thunderstorm while he was being seen, the skies cleared afterwards and although it was hot, very hot and about as muggy as possible we spent several hours walking around the city to take pictures of fun things just for you.  Really, just for YOU my friends and followers.  I am going to make use of the photos for 2 or 3 blog posts because basically I am hot and lazy this summer.

Walking down Charles street near Mass General Hospital I spied this sign and said, "ooh, ooh, that was Julia's favorite grocery store".  Bob is constantly amazed that I know such esoteric things!  Apparently Julia ( you know, idol)  frequented the Savenor's Market in Cambridge which burned down in 1992 and rebuilt in 2005.   In the interim she used this market.  I admit that I didn't go in, but after reading glowing reviews I will next time I am in Boston.  I do love a gourmet grocery store to explore and it sounds like Savenor's with its Yak meat and Rattlesnake would be lots of fun.

Looks like they stock Barefoot Contessa mixes...don't those coconut cupcakes look great?  Real Vermont maple syrup, the only kind of syrup worthy of eating in estimation.

Look, she's right there in the window.  Since I didn't go inside I walked a couple of doors down and spied a tray of Blondies aka Congo Bars in the window here.

I just had to have one which I carried very carefully in my purse until we got home a few hours later.  We split it for a snack Monday night and it was delicioso!!




  1. I love boston & I love julia too! It is so hot here isn't it? no end in sight either-ughh! hope your hubby's eye appt.went well janet! :)

  2. p.s. where is that GORGEOUS house on your blog header? I want to own it NOW! :)

  3. That store looks like it would be fun. I love to browse through gourmet stores and pick up a few new things to try.

    Love the new blog look!

  4. Hi, Janet, thanks for stopping by. I love that shot below of your plates & light fixture. Now, I have to know, is the house in your header YOUR house? Wow, that is one gorgeous beautiful house!

  5. Who wouldn't want to know such important information!?
    And I applaud your willpower, my treat would have been gone before the Mr. knew I had it:)

  6.'d better come clean about the header house Janet! Yours is much cuter!

    Barefoot Contessa coconut cupcakes are good.......but best after a couple of days following, if one has patience and doesn't gobble them up straight out of the oven! The flavor and moistness seems to take a couple of days to mature, then really yummy.

  7. A little behind in my reader.Love getting new insight on Boston area.I am now the master of the orange liine and ready to move on.


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