Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New Bed Linens/ Old Bed Linens

I have always been somewhat of a self-professed quilt wh0#e.  I am always finding new quilts that I love, but alas I don't often act on my urges.  Usually I just love them from afar and sometimes go and visit them in the store.  Do you ever do that?  Stalk things that you love until someone else buys them and you know they have found a loving home with someone as tasteful as yourself ;)

Sometime last year I fell out of love with my winter quilt ( of course I have a summer quilt too, I know you understand!).  I still liked it, but I wanted something moodier, more bohemian, maybe something with more browns and subdued colors.  Enter this fall's PB catalog.  I spotted the Gianna scalloped quilt and just had to seek her out and see if she was as lovely in person as she was in the catalog.  She didn't disappoint.  So, since I had a 10% coupon from PB. com, which basically covers the shipping I sent my order for quilt and one decorative sham off into cyberspace. Yesterday she arrived and I am still tweaking.  I got the off white chenille shams at Christmas Tree Shop for $2.49 each and like the textural contrast.  At PB they had the bed made up with off white pick stitched shams, mine look similar for a lot less.  I have a white duvet cover for the down comforter (that resides at the bottom of the bed in colder months) which I hope to dye a camel color or dark Khaki.  Maybe a brown throw for the off white slipcovered chair. I'm lovin' it!

Now, I would like to sell my old "Providence" pattern quilt which is currently available at PB.  I have the full/queen quilt and two Euro shams. They are used but in very good condition. I have listed them on Craigs List for $95 for the set, but thought one of my readers might be interested as well.  Here is the pic from PB.

I have decided to take the "blogging without obligation" pledge and when I have something to say that might be of interest to anyone, I will post.  How's that for a compromise?



  1. Love, love, love your new quilt. It looks very cozy for the winter coming up. I actually have four different quilts stored in my closet, because I got tired of them or I changed the rooom color. Good idea you have selling yours!

    I think blogging without obligation is perfect! I have you on my google reader, so I will know when you post. Glad you are not stopping completely. I would miss you.

  2. Oooo! I love it, Janet!

    Your post made me laugh out loud!

  3. Your new quilt has beautiful warm colors. I really like the back side of it too.
    Blogging without obligation....as it should be!

  4. Love the new quilt. Almost all our bedding is PB. I usually check out ebay for a lot of mine or the sale at PB.

  5. I have to admit I also trade out my bedding when the seasons change. I always have a white mattelasse on the bed, but the quilt at the foot and accent pillows change out.
    Summer brings my handmade red and white quilt that has not one machine stitch. I found it at a little consignment shop years ago. I pair this with pillows I have embroidered with redwork and a bit of red plaid.
    The colder months find a deep red quilt and more subdued pillows with a Bless This House accent pillow:)
    It feeds my soul to feather my nest.
    I love your new addition, I stopped at PB yesterday and made a puchase:)

  6. so, you are blogging less and enjoying it more. PERFECT! i like the new look. very you! i do not have you on the reader, so i was thrilled to see you had posted something on my chance check in. meanwhile, in the same seasonal-change-it-up vein, i rearranged my guest rooms today and am very happy with the results. it turns out i have two "new" rooms, with new combos of my old stuff, all for free and i 'm very satisfied. time for a glass of wine to celebrate! jkj

  7. Lovely new quilt, Janet! I have several myself! Hope you are having a great week...hugs...Debbie

  8. your new quilt is great...I've loved quilts ever since I had my mom's old Sunshine Sue quilt :)

    of course, every new quilt I drag home, our FBDs christen by chewing, exactly, 1 hole in the almost center...

    so I kind of put a cap on the $ amt to be paid out for new quilts :)

    ...going back now to have more Quilt Envy...

  9. Hi Janet,

    Thank you for stopping by. Can't believe we have been married for 7 years. The time has flown.
    I do the whole changing it out thing too. Hubby thinks it is crazy but what does he know about quilts?

    I blog without obligation also. When i first started, I posted and tried to visit everyone every day. Very unrealistic for me. It could take up an entire precious day.
    I thought about just quitting but this seemed like the perfect solution.
    Take care my friend.


  10. Janet - I'm interested in your Providence quilt but I can't find your craigslist ad - did you sell it already?

  11. Dear Anonymous,

    I have a couple of parties interested though no one wants to spend $95. The ad is in CraigsList Southern Mass and Providence, at least it should still be there. If this "deal" doesn't go together I will post a message on my blog.

    Thanks for your interest,

  12. Oooh do I love the new quilt! How fun to change with the seasons! And yup. I do love a pretty quilt too. I forgot to take you downstairs to show you some of mine. : ) Next time huh?
    SO glad you will stil;l be around blogging. I would hate for you to go completely! I am selfish that way!

  13. Anonymous,

    If you want the quilt and shams send me an email to janetmagina(at)comcast(dot)net. We can figure something out :)


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