Saturday, November 20, 2010

This, That and Thanksgiving Envy

Well, it has been a while since I have posted and I certainly think of you and want to post something, but nothing *that* significant has happened around here.

Yesterday were two important Birthdays:  Mr. Housepeepers  Official Photographer aka Bob

and Meg Ryan

This got me to thinking that I have loved Meg Ryan since her As the World Turns Day as Betsy Stewart Andropoulis and of course I love her as Annie in "Sleepless in Seattle" and Kathleen Kelly in "You've Got Mail".  But whatever she had done a few years ago did not seem to be an improvement, but rather made her look very artificial.  Bob, on the other hand, is aging wonderfully.  No surgery for him and doesn't he look great??  

We have a cruise planned for February to celebrate my 60th Birthday and the final payment is due.  When I called my personal Cruise Consultant ( doen't that sound oh so stuck up?) at Norwegian Cruise Lines she informed me that the price had gone down over $500.  Did that ever make my day.  Plus by joining AARP, something we have put off for almost 10 years now, we saved another $50 and got an onboard credit.  I am a happy, happy girl, well way past middle aged woman ;)

We will have 10 people for Thanksgiving, but the number has fluctuated a bit.  I wanted my parents to come from Vermont.  I was going to drive up and get them and then drive them back on Friday, but they decided it was too much and so will stay home. The fact that I don't want them driving 250 miles at their age just makes me realize just how old they are (93) and that I must face their mortality at some point.  The Thanksgiving envy in the title comes from reading so many blogs and watching and hearing about your plans.  I love Thanksgiving as much as the next person and I love how you all decorate and set such gorgeous tables and dress up and everyone looks like a Norman Rockwell portrait.  Sometimes I wish we could celebrate that way, but in reality it is not who we are.  We will be wearing casual clothes.  The wonderful food is set up buffet style in the kitchen and then as many people as possible sit at the table and the rest sit wherever they can.  This year I have a DIL who has to work at 4:00 and the timetable is further complicated by the Patriots playing at 12:30.  More people will be in the LR watching the game than at the table, no doubt. We have some pretty serious Pats fans in the family. I will try not to be too annoyed, and I will try to see as much of the game as I can while cooking and getting everything ready...maybe a glass of wine will ease the pressure :)

Note to anyone local...I found a wonderful new shop called Vintage on the Common in Hopkinton MA.  They just opened a couple of months ago and they have some really lovely things and great prices.  I saw several things I liked if I had room, but settled for a new black and gold tole tray and a cute amber glass rooster candy jar.  Total $25.  I had to buy them because remember I had just saved over $500 on the cruise.  That's the logic, right?

Enough rambling, but I did want you to know that I am still around and thinking of all of you.  When I count my blessings ( which I do often) I always think of the friendships I have made through blogging and am very grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!



  1. You are not alone! Thanksgiving is casual at our house, too. I'll set the table just because I love my dishes, but no one will really care. The food will be buffet from the kitchen counter, and the TV will no doubt be on. It is still a time that we can all be thankful that we can celebrate the way we want. Happy Thanksgiving Week. Sally

  2. I agree, Bob is aging much better than formerly cute Meg. What's up with those lips?
    I will be cooking for 5, and that works just fine for us. The Little Loves will be with their Mom this year.
    I have a dining room that we will use, but for bigger crowds I always do buffet style. We also go casual:)
    The new shop sounds wonderful, but we are at the, " we only need replacement items" now, if something new comes in, something old must go out!

  3. Janet,
    Happy Thanksgiving to you! The upcoming cruise sounds wonderful - and the $$ savings a bonus!
    Happy birthday to your hubby!
    Yes, I find a glass of red wine (I first spelled it "whine") does ease annoyance in certain situations!

  4. Janet, it sounds like you are going to have a wonderful Thanksgiving! We celebrate in Tenn with 50 family members. I have a cousin and two uncles that share 200 acres with 3 homes on the property, we have a great time going from house to house. I just wanted to say I remember Meg Ryan from the soap opera years as well... I loved her and so wish she didnt do that to her face, well your husband looks great! Have a wonderful cruise and holiday. I'm new to blogging so wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I hope you get a moment to visit my blog.Lorene

  5. ahhh, i'm feeling the love. i know your household will have a fabulous meal because i have eaten your cooking and know whereof i speak! so it won't matter where anyone sits, or what they are doing. i hope YOU enjoy the freedom you'll have not worrying about if the "rockwell" image is lived up to!!
    MEANWHILE, in brea, we have new hand-made-by-MOI leaf napkin rings and i hope that effort alone compensates for what turns out as gravy on the big day... i'm thankful for our friendship!! jkj

  6. Thanksgiving will be very casual at our home this year. I work until wednesday and then have to go right back in early friday morning. I just want to stay home and play while the kids and husnband are off work :-) I'm hoping these are the memories that our family will have though of everything being relaxed and not stressed and stiff. And yes a nice glass of wine may just be what the doctor ordered. Cheers.and blessings to you .

  7. Janet, I was amazed when I went back and read more about you and hubby I almost thought I was reading about myself and my hubby. He loves taking pictures and I love looking at houses, I too walk around at night just so I can see in windows just dying to get inside and see more. Real Estate is something I love because I do get to go in the houses but is on the back burner right now. I went to school for interior design and just love it, also read at least 2 books a week, and yes I forget what I've read and at times end up buying the same book twice. Wow we have a lot in common. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  8. Bob and I are leaving on a road trip over Thanksgiving just like in the last few years! Driving through the countryside - dinner and overnight at a boutique hotel on Thurs., then on to Charlotte area for some serious treasure hunting, and finally meeting up with friends for dinner and companionship before driving home.

    Have a wonderful time at your house - sending our love, and Jasmin said to tell you hello too!

    Congrats. on getting a nice discount on the upcoming cruise - great way to celebrate that special birthday dear........and you both look great BTW!

  9. How exciting that your going on a cruise for your 60th....mine was in October and my big excitement was missing my surprise party that my blogging friends planned for me...long story which includes the dog now I have Cruise Envy!!...then it was our 40th. anniversary 3 weeks later and we went to the Varsity here in Atlanta to eat....very exciting hot dogs, fries and a frosted I have envy for anyone who actually goes to a real resturant on their anniversary....LOL...
    and then there is Thanksgiving....Just Me and the cooking in the kitchen all day and he'll probably never make it off the your life sounds pretty exciting to me!! Have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

  10. I came across your blog through another blog and discovered you are in Massachusetts? The reason I ask is that my brother has moved to Worcester last year and this will be the first Thanksgiving/Christmas that I won't be able to spend with him. So reading your posts and seeing your pictures made me feel closer to him. He moved there because he found a wonderful job at a Luthern church there in Worcester.
    Anyway, I hope you have a very blessed Thanksgiving.

  11. Hi Janet,

    Happy belated bd to your hubby.
    OMG- I used to watch As the world turns. Loved Meg in it.
    I'm telling you AARP Rocks! I am a big fan.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    big hugs,

  12. AARP totally rocks. I think I may have to begin noodling old Bill about a cruise in the next few years. I am totally envious ya know! : )
    Our Thanksgiving is usually casual, you kow we are pretty casual round here. But i know your meal will be better! Our will be good, okay...but I KNOW you can cook circle round me!
    I think Bob is waaay cuter than Meg. And I think Meg is a doll. : )
    Wishing you a sweet Thanksgiving, filled with laughs and good eats and warm throws that are tossed over you while you snuggle on the couch!
    Love ya,


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