Friday, February 25, 2011

Costa Maya

Sorry to leave you hanging...I haven't quite got the mojo to do a real post.  Here are some of the photos from Costa Maya.  We took a tour to the Chaccoben Mayan Ruins about an hour ( on a slow road) from Costa Maya.  Costa Maya is one of those places that didn't even have electricity until 9 years ago when a cruise port was carved out of the land.  There is a faux village type shopping area and not much else.  We had a wonderful guide on the bus who explained a lot about the Mayans and the Mayan lands;  she really made the trip go by in a flash.  Very poor countryside, but the ruins, which were uncovered in the mid to late 90s were fascinating.

See the black "spots" inside the hollow tree trunk?  Tarantulas...eek!

                                       The "faux" village beach area
Local cemetery

                                                    The lunar temple
                                                         The solar temple

 A teensy tiny orchid.  Apparently orchid flowering season had finished.

Did I mention it is hot in the jungle?   But, no whining since it was snowing back home!!

Next up...Roatan and Janet with Cappuchin monkey??



  1. holy cow. those are some big spiders. b i g. kinda puts one off, yes? anyway, the ruins look very interesting and what i notice is how clean the approach is to each one. makes it all the more interesting. i really want to hear more! jkj

  2. On first site of those spiders the vacation would have been OVER!
    Did you see iguanas at the ruins? We saw loads of them sunning themselves.....suuuun:)

  3. Happy to see pics (Bob's?) of your trip....keep 'em coming!

    Tarantulas would be a bit unnerving - but to see the wonders of the world we have to take the scary with the beauty, right?

    Hope Spring is appearing in your neck of the woods Janet.
    Hugs - Mary

  4. Wow! I had no idea orchids were that small. And those tarantulas really gave me the willies. What an incredible trip that must have been Janet.

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