Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's a Jungle Out There :)

In Roatan, that is.  In Roatan we booked a private tour with a driver.  Sounds pretty darn posh, non? Well for $40. pp you can have a driver for the day take you anywhere you choose, wait for you while you swim, eat etc. We had a great driver who made sure we saw most of the island and took us to the Botanical Garden, the Monkey Farm and a pretty seaside place for a really reasonable lunch of local snapper.  It is HOT in the jungle, even in February and muggy?  Oh yeah!  Of course I chose the Botanical Garden because of Bob's love of photos of flowers.  It never occurred to me that in the jungle the botanical  garden would be, the jungle.  Not many flowers as the sunlight doesn't really penetrate the canopy of trees and vines...I had my eye out for Tarzan...that many vines.  So here are some of the Roatan pics including me with Cappuchin monkey and a parrot.  Please note that I really need some new sunglasses that are big enough to cover part of my moon face :)

Look carefully...see the tiny lizard
Bob's favorite photo subject...a hibscus
We said Bob liked to take pictures of lighthouses...this , however is a restaurant made to look "like a lighthouse.  Beautiful view from the highest point of the island.  

Fruit Loops, anyone?  

I took this one while eating!
Next time you see House Hunters International visiting Roatan  think of me, OK?


  1. What amazing photos! Look how cute that monkey is!!

  2. what great snaps! the parrot is the best! such a curious bird. kudos to you for holding the monkey. jkj

  3. You what I thought? I'll bet you welcomed that sweat after freezing your butt off all winter :)
    That Bob of yours, quite the photographer!

  4. Great photos that is the coolest lighthouse

  5. I have so enjoyed your trip photos Janet! What a wonderful time you two had! I envy you hlding that little monkey! Cute!


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