Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I have not been diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder, but maybe I should be. I asked my Hubbie to help me size the photos I took and next thing I know he has changed the template, added a header of sorts and started my "New Friends List", maybe I should rename it to that now that I think of it. This is my second time trying this post because I want to add a couple of pix of my house, just to tease you and keep you coming back, but the pix ended up in the wrong place. This will probably happen again. Now I am thinking, I put the pix in first and post around them? So many questions and so few answers.

Well, here goes, with any luck this will be a picture of the back end of my living room. Gourds, I love gourds, the wartier the better. They are sitting on a black dresser which was a nasty yellow dresser that I salvaged from the first house I ever listed and sold. I painted it rather hastily, which is the way I do most projects, and added some gold stencilling. Voila, it is a "Hitchcock Bureau".

Okay, this is getting absurd. Now I can't get into the pictures I have so painstakingly saved. I am leaving, now, just walking away and hopefully I will figure out why the"add image" won't respond".


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