Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I am sure that many of you are aware that the Boston Red Sox won the World Series Sunday night. This means,among other things, that I missed parts of "Brothers and Sisters" and if I have any chance of growing up to be Sally Field I need to keep up on that show!

Today all of Boston is celebrating as the team rides through the city on DUCK vehicles. There is something about watching highly paid athletes wearing kilts ( OK, only one wore the kilt he was given) and doing Irish dancing that just makes me happy to be a very small part of their fan base. Why is it so difficult for most of us to just relax and let loose and have some silly fun? Just a rhetorical question folks.

I spent some time going through parts of my house (the picked up parts) and taking a few pix today. Hopefully tonight the Hub will help me get them ready for a post tomorrow. I wanted to go out today and take some pictures in some pretty neighborhoods around town, but I am a Realtor. That means that instead of playing in the sunshine today I must wait with bated breath for someone to call me and let me know a septic permit is ready to be picked up. And you thought being a Realtor was just looking at pretty houses and making gobs of money. Wrong on both counts.

More tomorrow,


  1. I am so looking forward to seeing these pictures! I know I will just love this blog! I am so excited that you have entered this wonderful world! : )

  2. Hi Janet!!! Welcome to blogland...so glad you decided to start your own blog :o)I look forward to seeing pics of your home so don't keep us waiting too long!!!!

  3. OH-MY-GOSH!!! NO WAY!!! I am just so glad you are here!


  4. See you there! Lets have some fun...
    Pinkie Denise


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