Friday, February 13, 2009


I went to the Doc's for a follow up yesterday and I guess I am as good as I am going to be. My finger still "triggers" occasionally, but I am not in pain any longer. My left thumb that was also bothering me is just some arthritis. The Doc told me I could have the joint rebuilt from tendon in my arm if the pain is too much. I think NOT, thank you very much. It just bothers me if I turn my thumb in some funny way or sometimes just aches...I will just deal with it. My friend Jano was commiserating with me about how things just don't fully come back at our age and we just have to get used to them being "almost". Since the House From Hell is mostly packed up (there is just the Christmas stuff for my SIL to go through) I am hoping that I will not overuse my hands anytime soon. My stepson and his girlfriend have decided to buy the house so they will get to do all the painting and carpet removal. This has taken a big weight off Bob's shoulders; now we just have to pray that they keep their jobs and that the interest rates don't go much higher.

Other than that, Bob and I are planning a vacation for early May which I will talk about later. It almost seems boastful to be talking about a trip when so many people are hurting right now so I will keep it under my hat for a bit longer, but I am excited.

We have had a couple of warm days lately ( 65 degrees one day) and a lot of the snow has melted. I was finally able to shovel the front steps and take the Christmas greens down from the door, lol. What snow is left is extremely ugly and harboring a lot of trash etc.; I hate to say it but we probably need some clean snow to make it look pretty again. Somebody slap me for even thinking such a thing, but face it, it is only mid-February and there is a lot of winter left.

Happy Valentines Day everyone...hope you get some pretty flowers and tasty chocolate. That reminds me that I could use some chocolate about now, but alas I don't have any...drat!



  1. I am happy to hear about your finger being better. And it is great news that your stepson and gf are buying the house. That has to be a major weight off your shoulders. The vacation sounds interesting! If you are coming to let me know - I would love to meet you!

  2. That's great that family are buying the house Janet - what a break! You must rest your hand now - all that packing has been too strenuous.

    Re: your comment. I've never heard anything about not being permitted to bring dried flowers into the US. I've brought lavender wands (from Provence) and bags of lavender, rose buds and herbs de Provence etc. I'll check it out more and let you know.

    Happy Valentine's Day - may your Bob be romantic like my Bob!!

  3. Happy Valentine's Day to you, too!


  4. I am glad you are better. Happy Valentine's Day!! Clarice

  5. Hope your hand gets better. Love reading your blog. Happy Valentines Day.
    Hoping your day was all you wished it to be.

  6. Hey Janet! YEa! Glad your finger is feeling much better! We understand the snow thing....ours is gone for the moment...and although it would be lovely to call it done, we know better!!
    Can't wait to see where you'll be going this year....we're sure it will be a treat!
    We've started our 250th post give-away today, we'd love to have you stop by {knowing that you are so lucky & all!!}
    Enjoy your week!!

  7. Janet

    glad all is going your way health wise!

  8. That's wonderful about your fam buying the house, what a load off your mind. And I think you deserve a trip!

  9. Glad you're better. Your friend Jano is right. We do have to get used to being "almost" and on top of that remember that our almost is still a lot better off than some other folks who aren't even that good. We come to appreciate so much as we lose things.

  10. No, I REFUSE to admit that there is a lot of winter left. Won't do it. N-O. Glad your finger is a little better. Getting old sucks, doesn't it?

  11. I am so happy to know your hand/arm is doing better. I have had some of the same issues and it t'aint fun is it? : )
    I know you are happy about the house sale done and sataying in the family.
    Hmmm...a vacation! You should boast about it! We would all love to hear about your plans...

    And I am still hoping for NYC later this year...


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