Wednesday, March 25, 2009


The week of April 6th I am going with Bob to Swiftwater Pennsylvania in the Poconos, and NO, we will not have a heart shaped bathtub or mirrors on the ceiling, lol. Bob's company has their Americam headquarters in Swiftwater and he needs to go for a couple of days. Since it is not convenient to fly there, he will rent a car and drive. Therefore he needs me to keep him company on the drive. Big question.... does anyone know here I can find some antique shops/antique malls/ thrift shops in the area? I have not found much on line. Better yet, any bloggers to meet for lunch? I can have the car during the day.

We will resume our "where's Janet" feature later.



  1. I only know of places near King of that near where you are going. (Geography is not really my specialty..)

    Anyway have fun...let us know what you find!


  2. well how fun is this? i can just see you two in the car navigating. grin, grin. where are you going to eat? can you get the antiques in the car or will you get a hitch/vehicle to tow them home with you? i hope you have a wonderful adventure!!jkj

  3. We alwasy stopped in East Stroudsburg & Stroudsburg...can't remember which one had fun things - whichever one it was had a great place to eat at a train depot - don't know if you'd be going that far east....if we hear of anything we'll let you know!

  4. Have a fun trip to PA and be thinking about the big one coming up soon! As I know where you're going I won't even guess at the clues - but I know it will be fabulous!

    I enjoyed reading back and catching up - you were sweet to share your life with us.

    So busy around here and computer problems have me way behind - we leave for England in a few weeks but Bob will be in Calif. all next week.


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