Thursday, March 19, 2009


Some of you have asked me what I think is going to happen with the Real Estate market, where it will improve first etc. See me above, with my prognosticating instrument...all Realtors wish that we could get our hands on one of these. My observation is that the market seems to be picking up a little. Homes that are well priced for today's market are selling. Sellers have to be realistic and realize that prices are down a good bit in most of the country. "Today's market" is not the price they could have gotten four years ago. Each market is different and has fared differently in the last four years, so ask a Realtor in your local market how much prices have dropped and what is going on in your area. That being said, I hope the market comes back soon in every nook and cranny of the country :-)

What is the most beautiful home I have ever seen and do I have pictures? The answer is totally subjective and varies from day to day. I love all houses and have been obsessed with them and their architecture, decor and quirks for years. I can tell you that my favorites are usually houses built between 1910-1940, particularly homes from the 20s and 30s. They have a lot of character and in most cases are not ostentatious. My dream house might be a Craftsmen style bungalow, a Colonial Revival style two story, a Tudor Revival or a New England Colonial from the very early 1800s and the list goes on and on. I really seem to like the "Revival" styles because they are often a romantic take on the original style. Aside from the architecture, the decorating also makes a statement and I hate to see a house with potential have that potential go unrealized because of the decor or lack thereof. Of course I redecorate houses in my head when I can't get (or stay ) asleep. What is with *that* anyway??

The same with "what is the worst house you have ever seen?" question. Most all houses some some inherent quality that makes them livable and lovable. Who I am to say what house is the worst? Someone may love it, but I really think the worst houses are those that don't have someone to love them. Sometimes there is just a feeling of unhappiness about a house manifested by a lack of maintenance and old fashioned cleaning. Dirty laundry hanging around, scuffs on the walls and crusty dishes in the sink do not inspire buyers or Realtors and believe me I am not the greatest housekeeper myself, but if my home were on the market it would be as clean as possible.

The last question to be addressed is why I got into Real Estate. The short and sweet answer is because of my obsession with houses. But you know I am never brief ! I studied for the Real Estate exam back in 1977 when I was out of work and didn't have any kids and thought I was in a stable marriage....( enter music from "Jaws"). Before I finished ( there were no classes required back then, just a textbook) and was ready to take the test I got a job at a local bank and decided that was my best career choice at the time. I had my first child in 1980 and the deal was I would stay at home until he went to school, then go into Real Estate. If I made money fine, if not I would be having a career that I had always wanted and my husband would support the family. What a guy! Fair enough. Meanwhile in 1984 I had my second son. Life is good...2 cars in the yard ( OK, so they were both Chevettes), two boys playing in the yard. Three years later I am unceremoniously dumped and told "you're a smart girl, you'll find a job to support yourself, I have found someone much more interesting with only a grown child". Gee thanks! So, of course Real Estate was out of the question at that point and I went slinking back to banking after being out of the job market for almost 8 years. A couple of years go by and I meet Bob at a Parents Without partners dance. We were married 2 years later while I was working for the FDIC ( my bank failed in 1990). I stayed there and enjoyed it for most of my tenure. Then times got tough, downsizing began and although I had a job, my superiors were making my life miserable. So, with Bob's encouragement I got my RE license in the fall of 1994. I love what I do, but I have never made a lot of money at it. Fortunately I have made enough to get the boys ( there were now 4) through whatever schooling they chose and now the money is not as important in our day to day lives. Good thing, what with this market the last couple of years. Bob takes good care of me financially and emotionally and we are really enjoying being Empty Nesters and doing our own thing.

Hope this answers your questions...feel free to ask more if you know I adore and appreciate all of you who take the time to read about my life.

Janet has the answers to more of your questions


  1. Well, now I know!
    Keep up the good work, I think you're awesome!

  2. Janet,

    I loved that post!

    I feel exactly the way you about homes - I love the same era of home you do, etc...

    But I love that you've told us more about your life, as well!

    Thanks for that great post! You ARE awesome!

  3. You answered those questions like I would have LOL I could never pick a favorite house (although I LOVE this one) or the worst one, but I had to ask because I'm nosey like that ;)

    The market.... We bought that last house at the beginning of the downward spiral and now it is listed for 20 under what we paid. Thank God I didn't get a full loan on it. I hope the market gets better and soon so it will sell.... ugh.

    Thank you for answering all my questions and I'm sorry you were married to that a** :)


  4. wow,friend, take me back in time!!! you made it through so very well. and the housey info was fun, too. i love the 40's time too! and craftsman and woodwork and not dusting - so many things! jkj

  5. I loved this Janet..but then, I love YOU and think you are pretty darned wonderful so it figures I would love your answers huh? : )
    How was that for a long, run on sentence!?
    It would be hard to choose a favorite house...I too love the ones from the era you chose. Houses built in the 20s to 40s just had so much character. I found one for sale that I love and it is a wow of a price now (Been on the market for months and months.) but we probably coldn't seel our house with things as they are...sooooo..but I can still dream right?

    I am so sorry you were married to such a pain in the $%^ but a tleast it led you to Bob and that was a wonderful thing right?
    HE knows you are amazing...and you ARE amazing!



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