Saturday, March 14, 2009


Wow, you ask some tough questions; ones that require me to think. I will start with the vacations. Bob and I only started taking vacations a few years ago. When the boys were young there was the whole timing/visitation issues plus it was just too darned expensive to take four growing boys on any kind of major vacation. My youngest one always lamented that all his friends had been to DisneyWorld and "they aren't rich". Maybe not, but we were more about keeping food on the table and clothes on their backs. That being said, since the boys have left the nest Bob and I have been to Bermuda twice, to Seattle and to Alaska. All were nice trips, but none were super spectacular vacations. Bob used to travel a lot for his last job and although the trips weren't vacations for him, when I went along we usually stayed somewhere a couple of extra days and called it a vacation.
Watefront Youghal, Ireland

Of these trips I would say my favorites were probably our two trips to Ireland with long weekends in London. Ireland is just so verdant and the people are absolutely wonderful. We stayed in a town called Youghall ( I posted on this town once) right on the water ( Irish Sea??) where the walking and gawking was wonderful. Great small hotels, fresh seafood and then on to London.

City street London

Portobello Road (not a market day!)

London is wonderful but very congested and very expensive. Both times we stayed near Hyde Park and quickly figured out that walking is really the fastest and most economical way to get around. The "Tube" is pricey and buses are slowed by the traffic. I went to Portobello Road to the Flea/Antique Markets but it was so crowded that you couldn't get near the merchandise. That was disappointing, but as I have said everything is so expensive I doubt I would have been tempted to buy anything anyway.

Where would I like to go next? Stay tuned and soon I will fill you in on this year's vacation which will take place in 8 weeks. Bob has had a tough year this year and he certainly needs to get away and this should be just the ticket, pun intended.

Where would I live if I could live anywhere? The caveat here is that money must not be involved. Both places I would love to live are extremely pricey, and not just because they are both on the Pacific Ocean. Either one of these places would suit me just fine.....Carmel California or Coronado California. See a pattern here? I have only been to Carmel for an afternoon, but I feel like I could wander and housepeep for days and then there is the ocean of course and the shops. It is like no other place I have ever been, just magical. If I lived there I would live in one of the smaller cottages with a fanciful shingled roof and funky trees in the yard. I would have a view of the sea...ahhhh, so romantic. Remember money is no object in this dream world!!

Both of these homes are for sale ( or were) for about 2million each.. and neither are as fanciful as I would like, but what the heck. Pondering....should I just buy them both???

If I can't, for whatever reason, live in Carmel I will reside by the sea in Coronado. Again, I don't want a big home, a cute bungalow in the village will do. I will walk the beach, do lots more housepeeping and eat in all the fun restaurants. I will probably open a small creperie as the one there is just terrible, and you know how much I love to cook.

Coronado cottage

Does anyone notice a theme here??

Okay, this is much harder than I thought, so I will post this now and get working on your other questions regarding Real Estate, my crystal ball and why I actually got into Real Estate.



  1. I love the Napa Sonoma area of Ca, so I can understand completely!

  2. I am pretty sure if I went to Ireland I would never come your pictures!

  3. This is so much fun! I lived in Pebble Beach, so I know Carmel very well and I would have loved to live in one of those cute cottages too. Talk about pricey! I'm not sure you would like it though, because it's so foggy most of the year, but then again, there's absolutely NO snow LOL

    off to read more.....

  4. Oops... I forgot to say about Ireland and London.... LUCKY! Those are the only two places I want to visit :)

  5. Janet, you have such a great blog! I have visited Coronado too, and I'm pretty sure that I shed tears when we left. But here I am in the M Streets in Dallas, not exactly known for scenery, so I really appreciate the photos! Cheers, Andrea

  6. I love Carmel too!!! After seeing this post I think I'll have to drive over there and take some more photos soon!!!


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