Friday, May 1, 2009


Today marks the 24th Anniversary of my ( our) move to Massachusetts. I was so excited to move to the Greater Boston area with my husband and our two sons. The boys were 4and a half and 7 months old and I felt like it was the biggest adventure of our lives. We had lived in Massachusetts before: in the Berkshires in college and then in Boston and Newburyport before kids. What a fun time we had, but then returned home to Vermont to put down roots. When the opportunity came for a transfer to Boston I was elated. The day we arrived was hot, very hot as in 98 degrees and luckily my parents came down to help us unpack and get the boys settled in. Little did I know that less than three years later my life would crumble around me and I would be required to rebuild. But rebuild I did and here I am, standing proud and packing for my Mediterannean Cruise with the man of my dreams who dotes on me every single day. Life sure can be strange, but it surely can be good.

Love you,


  1. ooh. what a happy story! good for you and bob! have a great trip!!!jkj

  2. Congratulations on a special anniversary and depature for an exciting holiday!

    Have a great time.

  3. Congrats to you--enjoy the trip you lucky gal!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Life can be wonderful sometimes!

  5. Oh are quite the lady aren't you? I am SO proud to *know*, so proud. I hope this trip is relaxing and romantic and fun and glorious and just the perfect in every way! You and that handsome husband of yours SO deserve it!
    I wanna see lots of pctures and hear lots of stories when you return!

    Safe travels...


  6. Hi Janet,
    Great post. I enjoyed your story.
    Have a wonderful vacation, I'm sure you will.
    Can't wait to read all about it.


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