Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Pssst....come here...let me whisper a secret in your ear....I have never been to Florida. Yeah, that's right, I have been to Italy and France, the west coast including LA, San Francisco and Seattle, heck, I have even been to Malta ...what percentage of the US population has been to Malta, but I have never been to Florida or worse yet, I have never even been tempted to go to Florida. You want to know why???? Of course you do, you are my curious friends. Well, let me tell you why...back in the 4th grade ...this would be 1961..were you alive then??? Our teacher, Miss Hayes, read us a book about a family vacationing in Florida. They had many adventures, including getting stuck on a drawbridge ( we had certainly never seen a drawbridge in Vermont) which introduced us to the word "precarious", as in it was a " precarious situation". But what has stuck with me the most, after many decades...(how can I be this old???) was that they stayed in a ...gasp......pink cinder block motel. That, my friends, is my lasting image of Florida. Why would I spend hard earned money, despite the cold New England winters, to stay in a ...gasp.......pink cinder block motel??

Then I discovered blogging and the first blog that I somehow discovered was Kim at DearDaisyCottage and I was hooked. Her Florida bungalow is spectacular and all images of pink, or even mint green, cinder blocks have left my mind. And then today I am over the top thrilled with her post of her friend Yvonne's home, yep, it is in Florida. Please go and visit Kim's post for today ( August 25th) and check out Yvonne's 1920s bungalow. This is exactly what I want my house to look and more importantly feel like. Not a cinder block in sight;-)

Okay, now I am off to check out SouthWest Airlines to see about a ticket to Florida!! No, I am not actually planning a trip, but maybe I should at least consider a Florida trip, if only to to get the motel image out of my mind.



  1. You will definitely love Florida. Hope you enjoy.

  2. I'm not a great fan of Florida Janet. I've been several times but only because pressured by others.....mainly Bob of course!!
    I'm just not a tropical person for some reason. Can't blame it on being English - the Brits crave Florida or any place with real sunshine day after day - which is why you see them arriving home at Gatwick airport resembling lobsters.....after they've been boiled!

    The only state I'm missing is Hawaii, and again, I've really never been excited at the thoughts of tropical heat, tropical drinks, and tropical plants - and I much prefer pears to oranges. People think I'm nuts.

    But....if YOU go, do enjoy.
    Hugs - Mary.

  3. Well seeing as you have been waiting a while to get to Florida, hope you have a fabulous time!

  4. Pssst, come here, a little closer.
    Forida is gorgeous.

  5. P.S. The house is stunning, in the best way.

  6. I have been many times and have actually lived in Florida 3 times!
    It is hot, tropical hot in the Summer but in the Fall and the Winter and into Spring, Heavenly.
    Yes, there are cinder block houses and alligators and bugs. But heck, we have bugs in Ohio too. But there is beauty that you don't find anywhere else and great fun too. I know yo uwill enjoy seeing the state.
    I would love to go and meet Kim! I am going to hop on over right now to see her friend's home!
    Have a sweet weekend Janet!!

  7. Susie Q is right...it is hot here in summer...brutal! But, that makes us really appreciate those 78 degree days..haha!

    Seriously...there is lots to love here in F-L-A and it doesn't all have to do with big ears and white gloved hands!

    I sure hope you'll let me know if you're headed this way.... :)


  8. Ooo, I loved her house! So cute! Thanks for directing us there :)

  9. There are many pretty places in Florida, and we go at least once or twice a year. Of course we see family too, an aunt and uncle who are snowbirds! It's always good to try something new, and if you make it I hope you have a great time!


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