Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fall Nesting Party

You know this is my favorite thing about obsession with Bittersweet Vine. I have some nice fat vines scoped out to make a wreath as fat as this one in another month or so. Hopefully no one else has their eyes on the same patch of vines.

Run over to see Melissa at The Inspired Room for a Fall Nesting Party. There should be some super fall nesting and decorating inspirations from blogland.


  1. A fall nesting party, what a great idea!

  2. will you make me one too, please?jkj

  3. Love bittersweet, and that wreath is perfect with no other embellishments - great photo!

    Janet, bet it's cooling off in your neck of the woods! We are having a perfect week - no humidity and almost cool in the early mornings - love it! I even baked a German Apple Pancake yesterday and shared it with Bob for lunch in the gazebo - really felt like Fall then!

    Off to clean the front porch {yeah, dust there too!} and dig out the gourds etc. for a Fall touch.

  4. Lovely contribution to the fall nesting party, i added a maple flavoured one. Have a great time on your vacation, will you get to see much of the leaf show or is it a bit early?


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