Friday, September 18, 2009

Anniversary # 18

We are off to Ogunquit Maine tomorrow to spend a couple of nights at the seashore celebrating our 18th Anniversary, a Scintilating Seashore Sojourn, if you will. I just realized that I don't know what the 18th Anniversary is?? Probably something prosaic like paper towels or lawn fertilizer.

On a related note I have spent the better part of the last two days trying to find something to make the 40 Longs look like grapefruits, but alas, I have not been successful. Something that my father would refer to as "an over the shoulder boulder holder" in black peekaboo lace. Ladies, take it from me, such a thing does not exist.



  1. Hello, my sister sent me a link of your blog. I hope you have a special anniversary. It is always nice to get away with the one you love.

    God bless your marriage with love!

  2. Happy Anniversary Janet and Bob - you are a great couple! Sorry I've been lax in keeping up with you lately, life has been crazy - where does time go?

    Ogunquit - where we spent many a Summer's day in the 60's and 70's - always our favorite beach and seaside village. Hope you are having a lovely visit and eating some good food!

    Hugs - Mary.

  3. Happy anniversary. Looks like a beautiful place. So good for the heart and soul.

  4. Maine?? Is that an actual picture of what beautiful scenery is waiting for you?? Ack. It was only 93 here today...I seriously need to re-think this whole Fall in New England trip thing.

    Hope that you, your 40 longs and Bob have an amazing anniversary celebration... ;)


  5. Yes, I do believe it is fertilizer.

    And good luck on the double barrel slingshot hunt ;)

  6. Well, I just did a spittake on my computer screen yo silly woman.
    : )

    But I still want to wish you amost happy and joyous anniversary sweetie. Here's to many, many more sweet years together.



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