Monday, September 28, 2009


OK, everyone who knows me at all well knows that I am a bit ( OK, more than a bit) of a food snob. I make 99% of our food from scratch and enjoy cooking comfort type foods for Bob and myself. Bob brags to his friends and co-workers that he eats "restaurant quality" food every night. So, call me gobsmacked when I tried a sample of this chicken at Trader Joes. It is so very delicious that I swear to you I could eat the whole bag which they proclaim is 5 servings. Even though it is dark meat chicken, the batter is light and tasty and it is not greasy at all when baked for 18 minutes and it is not salty. The sauce is just the right touch of tangy and sweet, with a hint of ginger. Serve with some brown rice and roasted broccoli and it is a quick and tasty dinner and the chicken is only $5.

Tasty, Tasty, Tasty!



  1. I wish I WAS as good a cook as you (Reminder to self: Do NOT cook for Janet and Bob when they come stay. Take them out to good restaurants!)
    I envy you thyat...I truly do! So I take your advice on a food product seriously! I need to go visit our Trader Joe's this week and pick this up!
    Sounds wonderful!!

  2. I, sob, sob, LOVE Trader Joes, sniff, sob.
    We don't, sooooob, have one, sniff, here.
    Try the frozen mac and cheese, it's heavenly.

  3. I wish we had a Trader Joe's here. That sounds delicious! I am like you. I cook, mostly from scratch. Love to cook gourmet...Love wine sauces. But sometimes you just find the PERFECT item already prepared.

  4. It sure looks good. We don't have a Trader Joe's might find it in another brand. I take your word for it.

  5. If you prefer white chicken then you have to try the Tempura Chicken from Trader Joe's. It tastes similar to the Mandarin Chicken but I prefer it as I am not a fan of dark meat.

  6. I cook most of our food from scratch too and I have to agree with you on this product. YUMMO!!!

  7. I'll pick this up for Bob to try - as you know I'm vegetarian so won't indulge! I buy a lot of items from Trader Joe's - love them all!

    I'm getting so excited as a new Trader Joe's is due to open this month, just a few minutes from our house. Until now we've had to drive to Cary, about 20 mins. each way, to TJ's. This will be so much better. I will have to learn not to go too often though - those darned Druid Circles Oatmeal Cookies always reach out and beg me to take them home - so yummy!


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