Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I wanted the TV/Exercise room to have a den-like atmosphere and to reflect who we are and places we have been.  I love maps and always have an atlas close to my chair.  I have seen sheets of wrapping paper that depict maps of Paris, the   New York Subway system or some popular tourist destination.  The paper seemed to be good quality so I set out on a Google search.  $4.50 per sheet, one a map of Italy and one a map of France by Cavalini Papers.  Cheap standard size frames and for less than $50. we have two substantial prints over the couch.  Please note that the colors of the room are not as intense as they seem to be in the camera's eye.  Really quite soothing and cozy!

Tell me, what do you think of my idea... really I want to know



  1. I love Cavellini Papers, I always buy a calender after New Years...1/2 price:)

  2. When in Manhattan I always go to Kate's Paperie. I buy sheets of wrapping paper as gifts,maps are always a good buy.What better way to exercise then looking at a map of where you want to go next.

  3. They look fabulous Janet - and while exercising you can be reliving the trips you have taken.......and planning the ones for the future!

    Right now I'm into old bits of framed French tapestry, and also trying to gather some old floral oils on canvas without frames..........I know some who think my decorating has changed to odd, but I feel I've found my groove! I must get back to Red Chair and hope to see you there in July dear!

    I'm off a week from Wed. Getting excited and still fiddling around with what to pack - two weeks with just two of everything isn't much to work with so everything has to be the perfect piece!!!!!

    Hugs Mary


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