Friday, April 16, 2010


Gloomy, gloomy, cold, gloomy...did I mention gloomy? day today.  What do you do on a gloomy, yes, gloomy day?  I putter..rearrange, rearrange again and just putter to my heart's content.  Here are some examples....

Removed large black tray/ replaced with footbath w/ hydrangeas

Model display case with WWII display ( this would be a compromise!)

New TV/ exercise room in progress

Living room bookcases

New shade

Old shade


  1. I wish I had a room for exercise. My treadmill is in my family room. Sigh. I guess that comes with living in a house, right? :)

    Oh, you would just die, but I put that reddish orange chair on the curb last week. A woman who does reupholstery picked it up.

  2. I love the color of your walls. So cheerful.

  3. I have trying to get some decent putter time in, but I keep getting interrupted!
    Yours however is paying off handsomely:)

  4. thanks for the photos, and keep them coming. the paint looks great! and i like the shots that show before/after so i can see how the improvement works. scale is so hard for me and you nailed it with the new shade! BUT here is the million dollar question: have you used the exercise machine yet? ha!jkj

  5. Hi Janet,
    I love to just putter around the house and do a little spring cleaning while doing so, I don't get much of a chance thou with my working and long commute.
    Sometimes I don't know how I am even keeping up with my blog.
    How wonderful for your Mom and Dad to be celebrating their 70 anniversary. My parents are in their 57 year. Your parents have set a very good exsample for your family and others what true love is really all about.
    Have a great day,

  6. I like to read on a gloomy day...

    Your puttering is great though! Love the new lamp shade....and what a great exercise room!

  7. Yep...a rainy gloomy day is perfect for the puttering/tweaking ! I do it a lot...probably too much. Thanks for coming over. I see we have the same taste in fabric (I have it in yellow background and also red). Just love those fun roosters!


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