Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Now that Bob has become so enraptured with his old  photography hobby it is soo very easy to coax him into day trips.  Saturday we went to the South Shore  towns of Hingham, Cohasset, Scituate and Duxbury.  Very beautiful towns on the ocean with some exquisite old homes. Many of these homes date back to the early days of our country.  Wouldn't I love to go back at dusk and "peep"?

                                    I will definitely take this one...*sigh*

                                                    From the front

                                  The original Talbots in Hingham

                           See the water in the background?  Heart be still :)

The rest of the shots are of the Scituate Lighthouse and a lot of churches and steeples.  Please feel free to visit Bob's photostream at Flickr to see them.  He is Robtm2010.  I know he would appreciate any comments you might have regarding his photos, his wonderful wife and her blog etc.

Tomorrow I am going to Peterborough, New Hamoshire to meet up with my blog friend Mary of A Breath of Fresh Air .  She and her husband and granddaughter Jasmin are visiting from North Carolina.  Last year we met here and this year we are going antique viewing in New Hampshire.

Happy Fourth of July weekend; let freedom ring across this great land of ours and remember to say a prayer for the men and women fighting to keep us free!



  1. Hey there ~

    Gorgeous homes....I could move right in. This is a great post.

    Thank you for your great FB message...I feel like I am totally loosing my brains of late...guess that is why they call it Mental Pause. Cheers!

    Have a great evening.

    Smiles ~ Ramona

  2. oh that grey one... i just love going on these little trips with you and bob! jkj

  3. This tour is something that takes my breath away...evenmore so than the asthma! *grin*
    I am so happy you get to meet a dear blog friend! How sweet for you both!
    Someday soon, *I* will be able to meet you too...

  4. Tell Bob his house pics are great and thanks for sharing. Noting lots of country houses around now displaying bunting for the holiday - it looks beautiful on old New England architecture.

    Again, such fun meeting up again Janet - we did enjoy seeing you.
    Guess we brought the hot weather up here with us!

    Hi from us all - Mary

  5. Beautiful tour. I can only imagine them inside....

  6. Hi Janet,
    I love all the homes you have shown us today.. But the RED one that seems to be calling my name..
    How fun to see the HGTV home in person. I would have loved that.
    Have a great week,
    Hugs, Elizabeth

  7. Hi Janet,

    OMG- ALL of those houses are amazing.
    Please tell Bob that "he has the gift". I really enjoyed the tour. I thought I was following your blog but I guess I wasn't. It gets confusing sometimes, or is it just me?-hehe.
    I am now your newest follower.

    big hugs,

  8. Oh my gosh. That first house. I'd move in and never leave. Ever! :)

  9. my heart says i love that little blue cottage - but my all time favorites are the white farmhouse looking homes.

    great post!!!!



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