Tuesday, June 8, 2010


A couple of Sundays ago Bob and I, as well as our son Craig and his girlfriend Sami , went to Boston for the afternoon for a little photo shooting session.  Even though we only live about 35 miles from Boston we just never go there.  I love the city, but somehow  we rarely have the time and Bob hates driving in the city.

Most of these pictures were captured on Beacon Hill,  originally a neighborhood of Boston Brahmins and Bluebloods, and even now it is horribly pricey, but there are some apartments and some funkier places to live.  Sit back and enjoy Bob's photos.


Bob has recently become Flickr obsessed and I believe he may be planning a "Set" of doors...just a guess ;)

Shops were closed by the time we got to Charles Street, but they are a bit posh for my style and pocketbook anyway. And no, that is not one of us!  So back down Charles Street, across Boston Common, through Downtown Crossing (which is horribly unattractive now...when will it be revitalized??) to Post Office Square and the car.  Luckily Sami works in Boston and was able to steer us to a cheap garage (on weekends) that was well lit and didn't smell of ...use your imagination here...

Next we will see homes in Providence from the Festival of Historic Houses last weekend while Bob works on those Bermuda pictures for your enjoyment.  We are just traveling fools lately!



  1. Did enjoy that tour. He is a great photographer. I have not been to Boston but did get to Nantucket Island and plan a post as soon as I find those pictures. Still looking forward to the Bermuda pictures. I am interested in where you docked. On which end of Bermuda since we got to see it all.

  2. Loved the tour!
    I've been to Boston twice and I love the history and all the beautiful homes!
    The traffic, I could do without!

  3. I think John Kerry lives on Beacon Hill, Louisberg Square, wonder if he could do so without Teresa's $$$ ????

    Great photos...what a pretty place !!!

    Where did you park cheaply in Boston really and didn't stink wow ???

    Great post,
    Kathy :)

  4. well, i could swear i was just on a foot tour! lovely photos bob! great post, janet. almost feels like i saw you there, too. hmmmmm... anyway, get those bermuda pix up so i can go there, too!!! (it's all about me)
    p.s. the green team is losing as i type. grrrr

  5. Thank you for the tour! It looks like a beautiful area. I am looking forward to your pictures from Bermuda!!

  6. Those were lovely, I love Boston but there is not enough money in the world that would entice me to drive in it.

  7. Checked in to see if you'd posted the Green Home photos yet. (Bob's probably still working on them? '-)
    Enjoyed your tours of Beacon Hill and Bermuda. Do you know about the purple windows on the Hill?


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