Friday, June 25, 2010


Tuesday my Real Estate friends and I went to Plymouth to view the HGTV Green Home up close and personal. It is in a lovely community called The Pinehills which is unlike anything we have in this area.  A large community , being built by 9 different builders, which features different "neighborhoods" with different styles and different price points ( none being affordable to the likes of me).  There are models for each neighborhood which is something very unique for us New Englanders.  Who, with a blog named Housepeepers, would not enjoy model homes??

I tried to take some pictures of the Green Home, which is in the neighborhood called Summerhouse Cottages, but they run a tour of 20 people thru at a time and quite honestly, it was congested.  As you can see from the exterior photo, the home is not really large.  Supposedly it has 2100 s.f., but it doesn't "live large", at least IMHO.   This does NOT mean that I wouldn't like to win it !!  I know you have seen professional photos of the home on TV, but these are just a smattering of shots and details I wanted to remember.  And they have not been edited by Bob, just the photos just the way I took 'em!

Love the windows, the built in entertainment center and the fireplace.

The controversial wall decor ( at least in my office) was not tacky, but whimsical.

                                                    Fun mirror

                                                   Another fun mirror

                                   MBR light fixtures next to bed, very funky

 The tower/cupola sitting area.  Cute, but not really very functional.  It would be better if it was at the beach and you could see the ocean from here.

Next, we went next door to see a model home which we all agreed was our favorite of the day.  It seemed to live much better and had a much more restrained, casual decor with antiques and modern juxtaposed.  My favorite was the walk-in pantry.

 See what I mean, calm and serene but not boring.  I believe that is a Happy Cow that must have been imported from California  to New England ;)

                                             Heart be still!!

                       MBR had similar but different mirrors over the dual sinks

                             Apparently I have a *thing* for bathrooms!

So although this cottage (2200s.f.) was my favorite, being priced @ $680K put it way out of my league for a retirement home. Sigh....I will visit it again though and dream some more.
  Now...for a quiz.  Do any of you know what this plant is...the leaves are  round  and about 18" in diameter.  It grows on stalks like rhubarb, but the leaves are fleshier and it would seem to thrive in mostly shade.  I am thinking some sort of Gunnera or Brunerra.  Would love a plant to give the Hostas a new friend in my front "garden".




  1. Oh yeah...the cottage would be my favorite too. LOVE that walk trough area with the built ins. *sigh* And that kitchen...*double sigh*
    This must have been such fun.
    The Green House is a fun place...and oooh! They have my DREAM washer and dryer. (How boring must I be to have a *DREAM* W/D!?)
    I keep tellg Bill that we need to get the pair so we can be more energy efficient but he is not buying that arguement yet. Aslong as my dull old pair are still chugging away (13 years and counting), I will have to DREAM about my *green* red set!

  2. #2 house free:)
    The passthru with the hardwood floor and built ins...ahhhhh.

  3. Thanks for the tour Janet. As you love bathrooms--I love the red washer and dryer. I think I could muster up a smile while doing laundry if I owed a set! I don't know what that plant is---looks great though. I take it it's a shade lover? Let me know what it is. Thanks

  4. Yes, that cottage is my favorite, as well. Beautiful. Clean. Character.
    Always love a house tour!

  5. I loved the second cottage too! But I have entered the giveaway, so I will take the Green Home if I win it :-).


  6. Ooh, how fun to tour the Green Home in person!! Thanks for taking us along - and for the second place - I like it best, too. You are so right about the calm palette and I love, love, love the whitewashed pine board ceiling with the airy chandelier. A look straight out of
    "Sarah's House" - it sure gives character to a 'new-build'. I'm still sputtering over the price, though! Wow. :-)

  7. THAT was very fun to go through. thanks for taking us along. loved seeing you in the mirrors! i don't know what that plant is, but i'm sure the hostas will welcome whatever company you pick for them. how are the roses on the side of the house? jkj

  8. Janet, love the open shelves in the cottage kitchen - looks really nice (better than the HGTV home) but at that price, like you, it is not on my list!

    We have similar developments around here, mixed home styles with condos, cottages, townhomes and single family - all look lovely from a distance but I'm often so disappointed at the poor quality materials used........polystyrene doors and molding instead of real wood etc. Looks like one has to go custom and spend a million plus to get features like that in new construction!

    Oh well, I'll hang out here in my little old-fashioned cottage as long as I can I guess - and keep wiping down my real woodwork with Orange Glo, ha! ha!

    See you very soon!
    Hugs - Mary


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