Sunday, August 8, 2010


 The HGTV Dream Home 2011 is being built in Vermont.  That's right ....Stowe Vermont, home to  Mount Mansfield, skiing, summer fun, autumn leaf peeping and the Von Trapp Family Lodge.  Also close to the Ben and Jerry factory and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters.  I really think a native Vermonter should win this one, so why not me??  Check out the link to the announcement and Stowe.

When I win we will have a giant decorating/cooking/eating party in the heart of the Green Mountains...wanna come?  And yes, I am sure there will be a big write up in the Stowe Reporter ( an inside joke!!)



  1. YES! I would love to come. But if I win it will you come to my party?

    One of the dream homes was built near me in Lake Lure, NC. I toured the home and loved it. Sadly, I did not win it.

  2. well, why can't i win? i used to live there and got married there! so wonderful!jkj

  3. Oh. My. Ga! :-))

    You must have a party for each season! (Except Mud can skip that one.) I'll be there!


  4. I think you should win and by the way, Vermont is one of my favorite places. My husband and I used to visit his grandparents in St. Albans every summer. They had a tiny little cottage on Lake Champlain that was like heaven on earth. We use to go to the Alpine Slide and visit Ben and Jerry's. Sometimes we went into Montreal, and we always managed a trip to Burlington. You are in a fabulous place.


  5. Janet you know I'll be there! Good luck........shall we plan to pass the hat for your tax bill when you move in?

    I'm at Lake Almanor in N. California with Jasmin - it's heavenly and will be hard to leave!


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