Saturday, August 14, 2010

Yard sale bargain

I am not a big yard sale maven, believing that I have enough "stuff" already and really feeling that I need to pare down to prepare for my "Golden Years" which seem to be approaching rather quickly. Last Saturday we were on the way to a cookout at our son's house when we spotted a lovely scrubbed pine armoire at a yard sale in our neighborhood.  Hubbie wanted to stop and look at it and I explained I had absolutely no place for such a piece as much as I loved it ( and had no idea it was only $75.), but he insisted we stop.  While I was able to resist the armoire...I really DO NOT have any space for it, Hubbie wanted this piece for the upstairs hall for book overflow.  I know it is just the top to a hutch and the original idea was to put some short Edwardian style legs on it  to make it less awkward.  However, what you don't see in the picture is the bathroom light switch which is just above the top of the cabinet, so no legs.  It will remain an amputee.  Now, I am thinking maybe I should swap it out for the glass doored oak "bookcase" that is in my dining room. That one is the same height, but a bit shallower.  It is pretty heavy, so I think I have only one chance to move it, if you know what I mean.  Even that one chance involves getting a son over here to help. Maybe I need to go to Lowe's and see if they even have the legs I need and how tall they I ponder.  Ever do that?



  1. It's a beautiful piece! And yes, I do ponder....but I also move things and them moved them again!

    My husband can always tell I want to move something heavy, just by the look in my eyes.

  2. Lovely piece!
    I love to rearrange too. Although just the thinking about it without getting to the actual work of it is part is fun as well.

  3. isn't bob getting in on the house tweaking fun?! that is pretty cool. and now you get to ponder what to do with each piece. i think moving things, regardless of how heavy, is the real fun. and a work out too!! jkj


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