Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ready to dry

The hydrangeas have been lovely this year and they about the only thing that has not succumbed to this humid, hot summer.  But alas, they are changing color and getting leathery, signs that it is time to bring them in to dry for the autumn season.  I cut them and put them in just an inch or so of water and when the water evaporates, they are perfectly dried.  Then I add them to baskets or vases r whatever to enjoy in their new incarnation.  Do you have hydrangeas?  Do you dry them?  What do you do with them when dry?  I need some new ideas.




  1. I wish I did have hydrangeas! They are such a pretty flower either fresh or dried.

  2. I want to plant some hydrangea bushes next year, I just love how they look and the fact that you can dry them if you want to.

    Thanks so much for commenting about my most recent post and my word faux pas, I truly appreciate it!

    My mother, the southerner would have said, "that's what you get for trying to post when you were half dead!" hehe

    Kat :)

  3. Your hydrangeas are way ahead of mine. Mine are still all white, but come to think of it, they were kind of late coming on this year, too. I just cut mine stick them into a dry vase and let dry...thanks for the tip on a little water first.


  4. The first hydrangeas I dried, I left upside down and hung in front of a grapevine wreath I had made, in front of a big window.
    It's been a great year for hydrangeas, but I have too many young boy cats who like shredding such things, right now!

  5. Yours are gorgeous! They don't don't do well around here for some reason, therefore I have no new ideas....sigh.

  6. Janet, the hydrangeas are nice as a wreath when you cover the base entirely. Grapevine, styrofoam or wire all made a good base. Have you ever made an arrangement on top of an old book?

  7. I have never dried them...I have plenty this year...going to give it a try..thanks

    Kathy :)


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