Thursday, July 10, 2008


Apparently this is Bath Week on Designed to Sell and since I am in the process of recreating my bath I feel I am an expert this week. First of all, why does every house need a "Spa Bath"? Sometimes there just isn't room and in a rather ordinary house I think they look stupid. OK, that is just MY opinion, but this is MY blog, so I am entitled.

We made a trip to Lowes tonight and bought a simple white vanity, the granite countertop, porcelain floor tile that looks like tumbled marble, a toilet and some accessories. So far this little adventure has cost me $865.( I had a 10% off coupon) but I still neeed the tub and the tub tile. Now if I had DTS budget of $2000, I would be able to do another room, but alas the labor on my bath is going to be approximately 5K. Another thing that I find irksome about these bath shows...move the problem, they don't even mention bringing in a licensed plumber. These contractors they have can do anything..building, plumbing. problem! They are super contractors and sometimes even get their own show to boot!!

At the end when they show how they spent the moolah, there is never a line item for permits. Permits cost money folks. I am pretty sure that Massachusetts is not the only state that requires you to purchase building permits for a new/ remodelled bath. Makes you wonder if they don't ever discuss how much the labor is worth and how much permits are, what else are they not disclosing?? Just something that bugs a detail person like myself.

Trip is on hold and we will hopefully make a decision over the weekend whether we will cancel.

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  1. HaHa.....Loved this post Janet. My favorite was always Decorating Cents where they redid a room for $500.00 in one day. Loved that show but give me a one day???? First of all they talked about how they got half their stuff at tag and yard sales. takes weeks if not months to find something for your home at a yard sale or thrift shop that will work. the words of BubbaGump "that's all I have to say about that."

  2. Those TV shows really are pretty unrealistic. They always make me feel so takes me forever to do things, and it just gets worse as I get older. For them to sweep through a project in almost no time...well, it makes me crazy. I do hope you take your trip...if that's what you want to do. It sounds spectacular!

  3. OK, did I miss something? The trips on hold? Is it the FIL? I'm gonna gripe a little here about those makeover shows. When was the last time you saw them paint a ceiling? I never see them patch or mask. They rarely paint the trim. I just have to ask myself, what does the work look like up close? And Lisa LaPorta can paint an entire house for $23.00!! I'm ranting about painting because we need to do so much of it ourselves. Good luck on the bathroom, let us know about the trip.B

  4. Too funny- my husband and I were watching the other night and he was saying the same thing! Especially since we did a "remodel" of our bathroom that only included floor tile, a new toilet, and new light fixtures. We reglazed the tub area and painted the vanity and it cost us close to 5K! I like that Spice up My Kitchen tells you the labor cost at the end, I too think it is misleading that they work on a $2000 budget, there is no way!

    Laura :)

  5. Maybe we can form a team, and show them just how it is in the real world. What can we call ourselves?

  6. I agree! We are redoing our bathroom too and $2000 wouldn't go far here in CA. They don't tell you it's the labor that costs the most.


  7. Jeez, we've had the kitchen remodeled recently. Now the master bath is in the process. No one said anything about permits here. Maybe the state laws in Texas are different. Because we've used major companies here in town. Anyway, that spa stuff kind of makes me want to poke my finger down my throat. Sort of like "the media room." I know folks go in for that stuff. But I'm just a plain girl! Good luck on yours!

  8. hi. everyone is on your page about the redo shows. and i have seen some "detail" work that they didn't know was seeable: not good. but the idea is to show what is possible, i guess... often i marvel at what "they" think is good looking. the color people lose me. every time. anyway, i am THRILLED that you get a new bathroom, and that it will be clean and timeless and lovely. and paid for!!! kudos on that!! labor is killer!! i hope the trip works out because fil is fine. keep us posted. jkj

  9. I am SO glad I'm not the only one who has questioned these quicky make-overs. My hubby and I have painted many rooms and it often can take a whole day to do it right. It kills me when they start the home owner off painting a room and then they show them in another room cleaning or painting some more. I always say, "Hey, who is back painting that room?" And I've seen them claim to buy a gallon of paint for $10. Where? $20 is the cheapest here.
    Yes, and the permits!! And the scheduling of the contractors and the cleaning up after them. I could go on and on because you've touched a nerve. Good for you to talk about this.

  10. Why do you think I've ceased watching these ridiculous programs - they are so fake! Take me back to the days of HGTV's Kitty Bartholomew show, and that great country decorating show that came on in the mornings - forget the name because I'm getting old - these new quick paint slapping shows with 'models' in designer painter's pants are stupid, nobody decorates like that and for such low costs. My new plan is instead of wasting time watching those shows, get doing something real around the cottage!

    Hope all goes well with your family and that you guys can take the cruise, see your son, and just kick back with a good bottle of red while drifting past beautiful scenery. I can even lend you a rain jacket if needs be - just say the word.

    Keep smiling Janet - and making us laugh!
    Hugs - good wishes - beautiful sunsets.

  11. Hey Janet! Got you entered - enter as many times as you'd like.....the show went well today...tired!! Lot's of exposure to new people - THAT was worth every penny!!

    We have to laugh at those decorating shows.....and gripe at them! They make people have such unrealistic expectations of how much things really cost!!

    Have a great weekend - hope the trip will still be on for you!!
    Karla & Karrie

  12. Man!! Mass. makes you have a permit to remodel? Here in SC it is only if you are adding on, that you need a permit. We need to work on both of our baths. I am afraid of the cost!! We had to replace our sink last week, but the sink cost around 120 and the plumber installed it for 85 dollars (for an hour and a half work---which was a good price). I would like to preserve the tile in the bath, but I wonder if it will be possible when we go to remove the tub?

  13. Very true! I mean, are these people working for free? I think not! So the real cost is...

  14. My pet peeve is that all the rooms on HGTV tend to look the same -- as if they were put together in one day, even if they were not!

    Hope you get your trip... and that everything is OK with you...

  15. So true! I am extremely lucky that my husband can do electrical and plumbing...But when I say can we move the toilet to this wall and the shower to this one...I always get the evil look - lol.

  16. That always drives me nuts, too. Especially the part about how they get all their labor for free. Well, yeah, I could redo my house for $2,000, too, if I had a team of professional contractors and a designer working day and night here for free. I hadn't thought about the permits, but you're right.

    Can't wait to see how your bathroom turns out. Sounds like it'll be a beauty! -Julia

  17. This made me laugh out loud! I've thought these same things! And what's w/ just one pedistal sink for a 1 bath house. Where do people put thier curling irons? Soap? A hairclip? The spa thing is getting out of hand.

  18. Loved this...I am only getting a new countertop in our bath so far and we are waiting on that!
    We did pick out the floor tiles though...maybe Billk will ease the money grip and let us do that sooner rather than later! I will change the ligt fixtures im both upstairs baths as well. I found one of those granite topped vanities in cherry that would be SO perfect for our powder room...maybe someday?

    I always love how they do everything in one day or two. And on *less than....*
    They have sources I do not have and a team of folks. Oh to have a team of folks!!

    Are you going to be able to go on your trip?? I just read where your FIL was not doing well at all. I am so sorry. Prayers will be said...I know how it feels to have to postpone a vacation but I do so hope you can go no matter what.

    You so deserve it.



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