Sunday, July 13, 2008


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We eat boneless chicken breasts two or three times a week in the summer. I recently purchased about 8 pounds at $1.79/ pound so I have plenty in the freezer right now. I usually try to vary the way I cook them just by changing a basic marinade. I don't measure anything, but I will try to give an approximation. I usually marinate for 30-60 minutes. Any longer and the acid in the marinade will start to cook the chicken. After they are marinated I cook them on a hot grill ( I use charcoal) for approximately 5-7 minutes per side depending on thickness. DO NOT overcook. It should be firm, with just a little resistance when you press it lightly. Cover loosely with tin foil and let rest for ten minutes for the juices to settle back into the meat and for any carryover cooking. Serve with whatever side dish suits the style of the chicken.

Each marinade starts with about 1/4 olive oil and a couple of cloves of garlic, rough chopped, salt and pepper.

For Mexican Chicken add the zest and juice of 2 limes and some chopped cilantro.

For Greek Chicken add the juice of one large lemon, some zest if you want and fresh oregano or marjoram.

For Italian Chicken add a couple tablespoons of Balsamic vinegar and some chopped rosemary. This also works well on Pork Chops. We prefer the chops with bones left in for more flavor.

Super easy, delicious and healthy.

On another note my FIL seems to have rallied a bit and tonight he ate quite a lot of the most ghastly looking food I have seen in quite some time. He is very weak, but managed beef stew and when I cut up the two canned peach halves he was able to eat them all up. We snuck him in some Dunkin Donuts Decaf and he drank it through a straw. He says he is feeling better. There is still some question whether this is another episode of Congestive Heart Failure or something else, but he seems to be out of the woods for now. I am encouraging Bob to spend time with him this week and it looks like the trip is a go, at least for today!

Now I have a lot of work to get done for the bathroom reno (the contractor doesn't paint) so I want to gt the ceiling primed and painted and the walls primed, so they will be ready when I get home. I still have to buy a tub, tub tile, light fixture and faucet, work 2 days this week and a bunch of other stuff, like BLOG, pack etc. Makes me tired just thinking of it, particularly because I haven't been too industrious of late.



  1. we eat a lot of chicken too! thanks

  2. JAnet

    What great chix ideas! Hope you FIL is feeling better!

  3. So glad things are looking up. We used to sneak Starbucks and Crispy Cremes into my Mom. The stuff that was passed off as food was best! I'll checking in, Red

  4. Good morning Janet :)

    Those chicken recipes look great!

    You sure have a lot on your plate these days. I think you NEED the trip.

    I hear you on the bathrooms you mentioned in the last post. There is no way they can do that much works for that little. The other show that bothers me is the one where that remodel the whole house on a computer and don't show the end results. You know WHY they don't? Because it never happens LOL

    I hope your day is better today!

  5. I am so glad your FIL is doing better. Can not wait to meet you. Clarice

  6. Janet, I glad to read that your father-in-law is improving. The human spirit and body are amazing.

    These chicken recipes sound great. I already do one with the lime. I am a big fan of limes.

    Keep us posted. I am so hoping you can take the trip.

  7. thanks for the updates and i am especially happy that your fil is on an upswing! and that the trip appears a GO, and that now i have more chicken recipes. so much good news! and re: the computer redo show. i REALLY don't like that show, or what they come up with. and the clients don't ACTUALLY have the money that is the so-called budget, do they? it is just if they sold or refi'd or something, right? otherwise why would they use the staff with the computer who come up with some odd ideas? just asking... have a great trip! jkj

  8. Thanks for the recipes, they all sound wonderful! Happy to hear your FLL in doing better and out of the woods. Happy painting, can't wait to see it all done.

  9. So happy to hear about your FIL. I hope he continue to gets better.


  10. Glad FIL is improving and that you will get to take your trip - altho' how you'll get so much organized with the bathroom stuff is beyond me! Anyway dear friend - wishing you well, take care.....I know your sense of humor will get you through it all.

    Warm hugs to take to cool Alaska!


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