Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Linda at Restyled Homes has challenged us to do a post about a makeover we have done. I did this last summer and have posted pictures before, but I thought I would play along and post some new ones. Click to enlarge, if you like.

close up of the metallic bronze finish

This room has belonged to various boys over the years and once they were all gone I claimed it as the Guest Room. The warm, neutral wall color is Weston Flax by Benjamin Moore. The furnishings were a catchall. The bed was once my pride and joy...shiny brass (plated?) from 1988 when I went out on my own with my two young boys. I bought bronze metallic paint and after priming the brass, I gave it two coats of bronze with a sponge brush. Instant update!

closeup of the multi-layered finish (and dust)

The dresser is one of those heavy nasty dark pine jobs that I inherited with Bob. He had several other pieces that have disappeared, where I can't say. His plaid upholstered pieces found new homes, thank goodness. I wanted to throw the dresser out and then thought the storage was useful, so why not invest a few bucks in some paint and new hardware. I rather like the way it came out. Not perfect, but perfectly imperfect and it houses lots of stuff and don't you love that cute rooster tassel??



  1. what a super guest room. such a beautiful and comfy bed! I would happily stay there!!(again) it is so neat to paint something and give it new life and give you joy. jkj

  2. Great work. I love both. Hmm! I have a brass bed, too.

  3. Great job on your re-do's! I love the blue on that chest of drawers. Well done.

  4. The room turned out very nice, I look forward to doing the same once #1 ties the knot. I have a similar bed that #2 is using, I really like your finish. And who can't use an extra set of drawers?, I store crafty/crap in mine!

  5. Hi Janet :)

    I love what you did to the bed and the dresser! They look so good I want to run out and buy furniture that needs painting :)


  6. I love what you did with that brass bed...truly a glorious make-over!! Don't you get a thrill when you make something (ahem) less than pretty beautiful again?! The dresser and bed are great examples of that!

    Thanks for participating Janet!!

  7. Janet,
    What a wonderfully cozy bedroom, I love what you did. Love the bed too.

  8. This room looks super, Janet, love the blue on the chest!!

  9. Hi Janet! That bed looks terrific! and I ALWAYS love a blue painted chest!

  10. I love the colors...and oh that bed! I am so coveting it!
    I have considered painting some of my dark pine pieces but the idea always scares the wimp I am. Maybe I should huh?
    I am trying to play catch up here...will now go see what you have been up to!


  11. I found you through Restyled Home. What a great bed!! I can't imagine it *not* being that color. It's perfect. Nothing imperfect at all. :-)

  12. Wow. Dark pine and shiny brass? No one could tell now... they're beautiful!

  13. Janet,

    I took the opportunity of a break and visited your blog.

    I must say, it truly is beautiful.

    I hope someday, my blog gets as good as yours.

    You are a talent.

    Sunbonnet Cottage

  14. Hi, Janet....I just love "befores and afters"! My whole house is a before and after on going projects!
    I love that bed.

  15. Janet,

    I have never been to Alaska, but I'm sure you will have a wonderful time.

    I can't wait to see pictures of your trip to Alaska on your blog.

    Be sure to eat lots of yummy food, like chocolate cake and ice cream.


  16. You've just outdone yourself as this room could not ask for a better compliment.

    I'm so happy to add you to my favorites!


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