Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I bet you think I live in a sparkling clean home decorated in a tasteful fashion ready for guests at a moments notice. You do, don't you?? Guess again. As much as I wish my home were "done" to my rarified taste, it isn't, so there. Life has a way of getting in the way of decorating projects. We moved here 17 years ago this month with boys ages 6,9,10 and 13. The house was built in 1973 and had had several owners when we bought it and quite frankly I hated the house, but it was the only one in our price range in the town I lived in, where my two boys were in school that was big enough for all of us. Of course I thought it would be redone to my specs very soon. What was I thinking?? Seems Bob is not particularly handy and 4 boys take a lot of cash to raise. Who knew?

The only full bath in the house was the worst. Look at that sink; my immediate response to the sink was "thrown up spinach" and "that has to go".Hmmmm...time flies! About a year ago we discovered that there was a leak of some sort in the avocado green tub. We called a plumber, had a new shower fixture put in, looked great, still leaked(only when I wash my hair, it seems). We have re-caulked the tub several times, re-grouted some tile and it still leaks. My son repaired the kitchen ceiling thinking the leak was gone, now the ceiling looks worse than ever. So.....drum roll please.... while we are away we are getting a NEW bathroom!

The plan is as follows: replace green tub with white tub, gold flecked off white tiles in the tub area will be white tiles ( maybe subway tiles...not sure yet), vanity will be white with a brownish granite top, walls will be beadboard wainscot(white) and the floor will be tumbled marble 6" tiles. Classic, simple and hopefully timeless. The walls will be a light terra cotta color and I am hoping for a white w/brown toile shower curtain. I am so excited I can hardly stand it!

That's it for now,

Changed the title because I guess people like to google the original title, lol.


  1. Hi Janet!
    I had to chuckle when I read your profile. I do the same thing. I love to "peep" in windows as I stroll by to check out the decor! I love to look at Edina Realty's website to check out homes for sale. I Love Househunters on HGTV. I probably should have been a Real Estate agent or a contractor. Your blog is cute! Have a nice day! Robyn (imjacobsmom)

  2. so jealous that you get to have someone "do" your place, AND you don't even have to be there!!! you earned it, baby!! the new plans sound lovely, timeless, and generally perfect. but can you live with perfect? i mean how does one do that? enjoy the spinach while you can!! jkj

  3. Your bathrooms sounds like it will be lovely! I have to laugh because I also like to peek in peoples windows and watch Househunters and look at real estate websites online. I am so disappointed when the outside is charming and then the decorating is blah! Like imJacobsmom maybe I needed to go into real estate! I look forward to seeing pictures of the new bath when you get back!
    Laura :)

  4. Hells Bells woman! I never would have suspected! Can't wait to see the after!!!!

  5. Hi Janet, I loved your blog...You had me rolling..anyways, Good luck on the new bathroom..I know your excited and enjoy someone else doing it for you..

    Toodles and God Bless
    Monta :))

  6. I'm so glad I'm not the only one (with secrets). I wish someone would come and redo both my bathrooms. I can't wait to see your new one!

  7. Janet, you crack me up. You've exposed yourself to all of us. Does this mean that we have to show our secrets?

    You definitely will have to show us the after pictures. I'm excited for you.

  8. Well looking at that bathroom, you really deserve a new one ;-) Congrats xoxoxo Clarice

  9. Oh Janet! That bathroom is almost vintage!! You'll be seeing everyone doing them on HGTV just like that in about 10 years LOL

    Congratulations on your soon to be new bathroom :)

    Have a great 4th of July!!

  10. Looks just like the bathrooms in my 1981 garden home! And we're getting read to have it all redone! So glad. And I wanted to tell you: we had a leak around one tub. The plumber ended up cutting out the wall of my husband's exercise room behind it. There had been a S-L-O-W cold water leak for what he said was likely years. Have to tear out all the bathroom wall tiles and put up moisture barrier drywall. You'd think the builder would have thought of that. But alas, it was not moisture proof. He told us not to repair the caulk: redo it all!Please check yours! Now we have to have a new wall!
    Good luck, Brenda

  11. Oh, I wanted to add one thing. The plumber, who was thorough, said that when I showered in there, the water was likely bouncing off my body and hitting the tile where the faucets, etc. are. And that since the leak had been slow, it had completely deteriorated the "not moisture-proof" wall. And therefore the water was coming through the original caulk and causing the leak. That's why he said don't recaulk it. He said soon the tiles would be falling into the tub! No one has showered in there since! Not until it's fixed!

  12. Hope your bathroom project goes well while you are away. Good luck!

  13. Getting a new bathroom while on vacation? How great is that?! It sounds wonderful, Janet. Can't wait to see it all done.

    Have a Happy Fourth of July!

  14. Okay, everyone whose house is exactly the way they want it raise your hand. I see two hands and they are known liars.
    When we moved into our first house I said, "Those drapes will go first". Then I found out I was pregnant, and then again and then finally 5 years later I bought new drapes. If I had know I was going to have to live with the original drapes for 5 years I probably would not have bought the house.
    Our master bath is functional but that is all. I'll let you know when I post pictures of the place and then you can feel much better. Your's may be old but mine is ROUGH.

  15. I just found your blog on a list of favorites of a friend. I wonder if you are an RMS member? if so what was your name? Do you mind if I add you to my list of blog stops and link list? I enjoyed the read.

  16. forgot to add exciting to get a new bathroom! I can't wait to sneak in and see the finished photos! enjoy your trip and happy 4th

  17. Can you feel the green-eyed jealousy that is coming your way...My bathroom is like yours except it is in blue and has no leaks that I know of. I did a face lift on it this year but it needs a major overhaul!

    Good for you! I am thrilled that you are getting it made over!!!!

    You are so right about the money it takes to raise kids! Yikes!

    Becky K.

  18. Janet

    What excitement for you when you return!

  19. Not spinach.....seaweed perhaps!!
    Know you will love the new 'do' Janet - hopefully they will not find hidden boo boos - our floor had to come out too, once they pulled out the toilet slow leak damage was in full view!!

    ......and here we were all thinking you realtor babes lived in perfect homes and drove a big Lexus - of course I know you don't!! Guess this is why we love you - your honestly and humor would make me want to hire you if I was selling up!!

    Know you will love Alaska - we flew in, not on a cruise, and loved every minute touring the state in the month of Oct. Wasn't too warm but great fun. You will see where all the woolly Pendleton shirts end up - and a lot of older model cars with dents! Friendly people, and the best halibut sandwiches ever.

    Keep us up to date on your packing - remember roll, don't fold.

    Hope you enjoyed a vintage New England style Independence Day.
    Hugs - Mary.

  20. Hi Janet,
    We all have our *irty *ittle Secre*s! How exciting to be getting a bathroom makeover! Can't wait to read all about it!

  21. Janet - think will all be back in about three years.....????
    We can all hope for timeless!!
    Can't wait to see what you end up with!
    Karla & Karrie

  22. How exciting to be getting a whole new bathroom!! I love bathroom makeovers, so I am looking forward to your completed photos!!

    Hope you are having a great summer!

  23. Hi Janet!
    Sorry I've been away and very busy with computer problems at home ugh. Anyway, I'm so excited for you, and I can't wait to see your finished bathroom. It sounds fabulous! I'll be back to check in on progress.

  24. Ah, you should see our shower! You'd see another one of my little secrets! I'll share it someday, for laughs. All I can say right now is you'd call it "Brady Bunch bright". It is a beauty.

    Can't wait to see the updated version! How much fun that will be!

  25. Congrats on the bath do-over, it sure is an interesting color scheme. Followed your link from the Domestic Bliss site and really enjoyed all your fun posts.


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