Sunday, June 29, 2008


I love maps, maybe because I love knowing where things and places are. My kids laugh at me because I keep an atlas next to my side of the couch and at a minutes notice I can tell you what city is closest to another city or some other useless fact that only I want to know. My kids tell me to look online, don't rely on that "old" media, but there is something about a map that shows you where you are in relation to everyone/thing else. It shows you the BIG picture, not just a snapshot, and I think it is important to remember the big picture, don't you?


PS: Sorry I don't have a recipe ready for you, too much stuff going on that is out of my control. Please run over to Kathy's today and check out those who DID post recipes. Thanks


  1. I am so glad to know someone else who loves maps! I hate it when Hubby uses one of his Delorme mapping thingys and writes out directions for a trip! I want a good old-fashioned road map. I want to see where I left from and where I am going and every point in between!!

    Thanks for that post, my blogging sister!
    ((hugs)) Rosie

  2. I like to know where things are too! Maps can tell you so atlas is always handy. One of the classes I had to take was a geography was one of the best classes ever...if only they'd just stop renaming those countries.

  3. Absodamlutly! I also love maps, for the same reasons you do. How goes the hunt for a raincoat with matching wellies?

  4. Hey Janet!! I'm laughing at your map - because our family just got back from the Outerbanks tonight......I've been reading a map for two days trying to get us out of places - so it's funny that you've got one pasted right there to say hello as I come to visit you!! Have super fun on your cruise - you WILL love it - everyone I know absolutely has THE BEST time!!
    Karla & Karrie too

  5. Yes, I have my old atlas book nearby to check out where everyone in blogland lives. The trip to Alaska sounds amazing. I am off to Paris and Florence for a conference later in July. And I am checking all the towns around florence for day trips. I have been to Siena and Lucca and this time it's Arezzo! Have a good day!Eleanor

  6. Me, too. We keep our atlas within easy reach at all times.

    But, I do love my computer, too. I want the best of both worlds.

  7. I too love looking at/reading maps.
    It gives me some odd sense of satisfactioj if I can get from a to z using a map, not a GPS. I know...I am a techdummy.


  8. I like being able to look at a map too. I also like looking up things in books because it doesn't take that long to search, plus you don't get random stuff like you do on the Internet popping up. I miss encyclopedias :(

    rue :)

  9. Ditto what Rosie said! I think looking at a map is a much richer experience than simply following GPS directions. Much more information, too.

  10. what is aaie? where n.y. is suppposed to be. i love maps. and need them because i forget things. like where places are. forget remembering what the place is currently called... jkj

  11. I love maps, atlases, and globes. When I had my dress company I looked on maps for names for the dresses! There's something more satisfying about paper maps than internet maps, I think, even though they have to be folded back up just so! ::Jill

  12. I love maps too! I love the ones that are raised, where the mountains are...I have been looking for one like that to hang on a wall for the area that I live in....


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