Tuesday, June 17, 2008


My Mom celebrated her 91st birthday on June 12th. In honor of that event I thought I would show you one of my most prized possessions. Hard to see, but this Blue Willow Plate is actually counted cross stitch and my Mom made it for me in 1985. Counted Cross stitch is her favorite hobby, right up there with watching the Red Sox and she works on some project every day. Her hands and fingers are deformed with arthritis and she uses a magnifying glass, but she still does it every day. Amazing don't you think? Before you think I have great genes and will live forever, reread this 'getting to know me" post.



  1. Janet, that blue willow counted cross stitch is just amazing! And soid your Mom! Happy belated birthday to her. Give her a big hug from me...

  2. Happy, happy birthday to you Mom. Give her a huge hug from me okay??
    That cross stitch is a treasure and just so beautiful. An heirloom to be sure.
    Love to you and to your Mom.


  3. Well, happy birthday to your mother. She sounds like one amazing lady. God bless her.

    That cross stitch is just a work of art. What a treasure for you.

  4. Happy birthday to your mother. What a beautiful cross stitch. My mother cross stitches too. I have done a few pieces but really it drives me crazy. I so admire anyone who cross stitches. Clarice

  5. Counted cross stitch not only uses your hands but your mind as well so this craft is very good for her.
    It is just beautiful....
    Be careful with ANY tomatoes that you aren't growing yourself, girl !!
    xo bj

  6. Happy birthday to your VERY talented mother!!! What a beautiful gift for a mother to give her daughter -- the loving work of her own hands! It will surely be an heirloom one day.

  7. Well, I got laughing. I thought it was a plate. I do counted cross stitch and that's a beauty. No, with my busy schedule I haven't done it in years, but I'm stickin' to that story baby! Happy Birthday to your beautiful mother. I love that she still does cross stitch in her 90's. Brilliant. And yes, as everyone commented, it's a work of art, and an amazing skill because it involves a lot of math!!!


    Love ya,
    Suze XO

    P.S. Thanks for your support and comments. XO And yes, he's a mighty fine dad.

  8. Love the cross stitch (and happy-belated Birthday to your mom!)

    kari & kijsa

  9. What a wonderful heirloom to have. Happy Birthday to your sweet mother!

  10. Belated birthday wishes to your mother. What wonderful cross stitching. It looks like a real plate.

  11. What a lovely entry! How wonderful that your Mother still does her beloved cross stitching. My daughter does cross-stitch. But she did not get her talent, from me. ,-)

    What a glorious blog you have here! 'Housepeepers"! That's me too. But isn't it every woman? Don't all women love to peep in at how others 'do' their homes? Isn't it in the genes? Nooooooooooo... I can't believe it. They are just 'fibbing' to us, if they deny they love it too. :-))))

    I love homes layouts in magazines and books and etc. And I even love sets, in films. I pay more attention to the sets, than I do, to the plot. -giggles-

    Can you guess that I will be back here again? -Le sigh- Just what I {don't} need! Yet another beautiful blog, to add to the ones I already love, in what I call "Pretty Blog Land." I'm *doomed*! :-))) My bottom will surly grow roots into my computer chair. ,-)

    Smilnsigh blog

  12. Happy Birthday to your mom who is one very talented lady! I can't beleive that is all counted ctoss stitch...such a beautiful piece!!! I can see why you treasure it so much :o)

  13. Happy birthday to your mom, Janet!! The cross stitch is just beautiful... I haven't done cross stitch in so long... now you've got me thinking about picking something up and starting it! So what's new with your hummer? Maybe she has a nest in your pine tree :)...Donna

  14. What a treasure....the counted cross stitch plate and your mom! My mom was 88 on June 22nd....she tells everyone she is from a line of "long livers", I know she doesn't mean the meat or the body part but it's so funny to hear her tell that. Aren't we lucky to still have our mama's?

    Here in ol Alabama it feels like it's about 100+ in the shade. If I venture outside to do any work it's after 6:00 p.m. and sweat still pours off me. I have a fan blowing on me but it just stirs up the hot air. Hope things are a little cooler where you are.



  15. Happy Birthday to your mom! I love it when people stay busy with their hobbies as they grow older, and it's especially wonderful when it's not easy to do but they do it anyway. I hope I'm like that! The cross stitch is so beautiful - your mom is very talented! ::Jill


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