Sunday, June 1, 2008


Bob and I ventured to Plymouth this afternoon for some seafood, sun and shopping. Three of my favorite "s" words. I will have pics for you tomorrow.

Meanwhile I want to introduce you to Gollum. Some of you may now of Gollum from HGTV's Rate My Space. I have never been a huge fan of Rate My Space simply because it is too overwhelming (and people are mean!!). There are about 30,000 pix and I find it too hard to navigate. Gollum is having a game where you tag a room from RMS or any publication and she finds it and does a "rendering". They are simply charming and I have been running to those sites on RMS and checking out the rooms. Run over and visit her and tell her I sent you.

Plymouth tomorrow, I promise.



  1. Janet!! Oh how we love your hostas - and your garden pictures of what will come.....gorgeous!
    Yes, we can sell you some mushrooms - I'll get some pictures (& prices)of them all together so that you can choose better.
    Come on over and enter our 101 blog give-away - we're giving away one to a lucky winner!!
    Thanks for stopping by!
    Karla & Karrie

  2. Thanks for the link, Janet. I will go give it a look.

  3. what a cool link you shared with us! and i cannot wait to see your pix.jkj

  4. Several things! First, thanks for the comment, I think a cruise to Alaska would be 1 place I could get my husband to go! I just heard about Gollum yesterday, interesting. Lot's of eye candy. I will have to check out RMS, haven't been there yet.Hope business picks up for you!


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