Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I don't even know its real name; when we were kids we used to call it "sour grass" and would chew on the sour leaves. Now I have other names for it, none that I can repeat here, as it invades my gardens seemingly overnight. It is everywhere, some small some much new meaning ( or perhaps not) to the word pervasive.

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Further research tells me that Little Miss Anonymous is correct ( she always was so very smart) and it is called oxalis euraepa or yellow wood sorrel aka sourgrass. Okay to add to salads, but shouldn't be eaten in large quantities due to the oxalic acid content. Curious minds wanted to know;)


  1. Why is it that those things we do not desire are so prolific?

    I'll be there, too.

  2. What I want to know can weeds survive without any care, and the stuff we pay big $$ for is so darn fragile?

  3. hi janet. have you been weeding? is your yard where you have been when off the computer?? what you show i call oxalis since living in california. it has little yellow flowers if it lives that long. it IS invasive. good luck. if you are into chemicals 'roundup' can kill it EACH time it recurs. meanwhile, the stew swap is much more friendly and a good idea! jkj

  4. i'm mental. it's not a stew swap.(lol) but i bet you have a good stew recipe you could post!jkj

  5. Hi Miss Janet, Thank you for the very sweet comment. You really didnt miss much. I will be glad to move on to another post and get on with my little life. You are just too too sweet! Susie H~

  6. I don't know what that little weed is called either but I feel your pain. I pull, it grows! My other plants need water, it is always fresh as a daisy! Oh well, pulling weeds is good for the soul. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! :-) Rosie

  7. Oh I just thought that was clover. We do not have that here in WA. But we have our own nemesis. Clarice

  8. I jumped over from beverly's blog....Aww... such sweet little shamrocks! LOL! I know what you mean --it is very invasive as it grows rhizome roots that spread underground. Just got to keep yanking amd make a wish when you do ;-)


  9. Hey, Janet, if you'll click on that link I left in the Mail Order Makeover post, it will take you directly to the site, where all the times are listed. Looks like it airs early a.m. You can click your time zone to see exactly when the shows will be on. We're on Central time & it's airing from 7:00 to 8:00 a.m. (30 min. shows), so go and take a look.

    We have DVR, so that's a lifesaver on recording shows and watching them later. I don't know how we lived without it, just got it at the end of last year & it's great! And it's really not that much more $$ on the satellite bill.


  10. Maybe if we started planting weeds, they'd die!
    Karla & Karrie

  11. It looks like clover to me, but I'm certainly not an expert. My gardens have gotten to the point where there are more weeds than cultivated plants. Aaaarrrgh!

    Happy weeding!

  12. I never saw any name for 'Sour Grass,' but I know it! Yes, 'tis pervasive and invasive and all those 'ives'!

    'Smilnsigh' blog

  13. Weeds.....maybe I should just plant them! They are always taking over. I thought by adding 4 inches of mulch they would not find the daylight, but they do~

  14. Well you know me honey, I'm laughing way too hard. You're friends are a hoot! I'm dyin' here! Did you realize the more you "yank" it the more it spreads. That beauty is relentless and I think deserves our respect! I hear "Ground Cover."

    Love you honey and thanks for the comment. Sweet Pea looks like crap, but he's recovering. Little bugger.

    Wrote to you over on my blog too. Should I do that or just go to the blogger who commented? I'm confused and exhausted.

    Love ya,
    Suze XO

  15. I used to eat that sour grass all the time when I was a kid until I saw a dog peeing on it one day...grossed me out!!! It makes me sick now just to think about it!!!

  16. WE too have this. While we were away in DC, the weeds took over. I am still trying to catch up. Everything looks so fresh and noce in May an dearly June. Bu July, I am already for it all to be over! We have had so much rain that some things are turning yellow and the weeds seem to LOVE the wet. Of course, they also love the dry. They are a royal pain in the posterior...and back...and knees when I try to rid myself of them.

    Here we are fighting wild honeysuckle. I have had to dig out 4 clumps of it and have one more to dig. It just takes over!

    Have a sweet weekend...

  17. I have those weeds in my garden in Savannah, GA. I'm always pulling them up! Never knew that you could eat them. Karen


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