Saturday, June 21, 2008


"A good home must be made, not bought"

Joyce Maynard from "Domestic Affairs"

This may be the answer to why my income stream is stagnant!

Really, shouldn't you BUY the house first and then make it a home, I mean jeeeesh!



  1. I really wish the market would improve for everyone's sake.

  2. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

    Signs went in front of two houses on our street this past week. We have a fairly stable neighborhood. We've been here eighteen years, and so have most of the neighbors - if not a bit longer. The neighborhood has been here 22 years.

  3. Great quote. I am looking for a anew one for my chalkboard. Clarice

  4. My daughter is a real estate agent in Tulsa. Been doing it for nearly two years now. She told me that last week she spent $800 on gasoline showing one frightful couple with two monstrous kids around town while they couldn't make up their minds!

  5. Janet,

    I hope things pick up for you. If I were ever in the market for a home, I'd want you as my have such a great sense of humor.

  6. Tough business to be in right now... -sigh- Sorry.... Hope it picks up, for all.


  7. Hi honey!!! Thanks for the visit. Glad you enjoyed the garden.

    I was just telling my friend who's teaching in Russia and wants to get out ASAP and move to Paris, new rule...he has to pay for luggage. And you think real estate is bad!!! How is that poor man going to get out of Russia? Life is a struggle for everyone.

    Love you,
    Suze XO

  8. Hi Janet, LOL...Took me a while to figure out what the "Shabby Mama & baby" was. There is no just looks that way 'cause she has deteriorated so badly. She's moving to the pool garden this week for the birdies new bird bath. I love your blog and your wit. Regarding your latest post it always irks the heck out of me when I watch the shows on HGTV where people turn down a house they are looking at because they don't like the color of the paint. Huh? You can't change it? !!

  9. I do pray that things will start looking up for you. I think everyone is starting to feel the sting now. It's getting a bit scary. Susie H~

  10. I think that houses have a soul, at least mine have. Our jobs as owners is to nurture them, listen to them, they will tell you what they need. Our current home literally cried out when we first came to look at it. It was just waiting for someone to love it, to find it's true potential. It is still a work in progress, but I feel like we are good stewards. It thanks us by keeping us safe and warm!

  11. First, a belated happy birthday to your mom who stitiched that amazing blue willow plate - you will treasure it forever. My mom-in-law was 90 last week - wonder if we will keep going like that - it still seems such a LONG way off!!!!!!

    Sorry that the market is so pitiful at present Janet - I know how it's a struggle. Things have slowed down here too I'm told, but still I see the sale boards popping up and several in my 'not fancy' neighborhood are under contract or even sold. Then, driving around, I often see the $million+ homes sitting there empty and wonder why there are so many and who will ever be able to afford them in this economy! Of course Raleigh is at the top of so many "Best Places to Live" lists, that a lot of new people move here daily and come from areas where they get top dollar for the homes they sell so places here may seem like bargains.

    Thinking of you dear - wish I could wander the French village with you and stop for that croissant and cafe au lait - we'd have such fun.
    Hang in there - make each day special - and I know you will because you're a great person.
    Hugs - Mary.

  12. I've been watching houses in our neighborhood stay on the market for over a year. Yeek. What's going on?

    On the other hand, the one monster house in our neighborhood (seriously, about 4,000 square feet when the average is like ours, 1500 square feet) sold in two days. Go figure.

  13. I'm getting a bit nervous, it is possible my husband is going to get a job outside of our state which would mean, GASP and HORROR, needing to sell our house! Needing to sell something right now is not a good thing. We live in an area that is not as bad as some, Portland, Oregon, but nevertheless, I don't see many sale pendings.

    Hoping things turn around for you!

  14. I hear ya! You wouldn't happen to know anyone that would like a house 20 minutes outside of Comlumbus, Ohio would you?? ;)

    They said yes to the offer :)


  15. It is just awful now and is not improving here. So many are getting desperate to sell and it has been hard on the realtors.
    My sis in law is a relocation person/office manager/realtor at the Coldwell Banler here. The one reason most of them are staying afloat is the base. Constant new buyers coming in to the area...still, those who are relocating can not sell! Some of the newbies are now NOT buying because of it all.

    I hope it picks up for you soon!


  16. I just found you blog. I love your humor! I shall return. vickydarnell


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